The Way I Wait for You

By David McCann

Subjects: Poetry
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781930337244, 95 pages, August 2010

Table of contents

1. Sunday Mornings at the Beach
Skipping Stones
2. Cat Bird Tree
Sniffing Shit Movie
Intelligent Design: An Evolving Conversation
Poet's House
Cheju Island Poet, Ko Un
Not This Stick
3. Winter in Florence
Perseus Holding the Head of Medusa
Mid-Day Office Dream
Indifference: A Prayer
"Susan Huntington Gilbert Dickinson in 1897"
State Street
4. Onset
Lesson One
Winter Pond
The Blue Edge
Crossing the Road
Spring Again
When We Meet
Chorus Line

5. Moving Picture
Dog Alley
Tong Hwa Temple
Wedding Night
Sketch for Ellie Rea Golden, on her 80th
Morning Light
Road House Music
The Fall
6. Acid Content
Rock Music
Traffic Reports
Deconstructionist Reading
An Army of Readers
Fourth Person Singular
The Tiny Seed
Fountain Pen
7. Lebensraum
Memorial Day, 2005
Notes from The Underground
London July 5
July 6
July 7
July 9
8. How We Heard the Name Again
Picture Brides
Crazy About You
Driving All Night
The Way I Wait for You


David McCann is the Korea Foundation Professor of Korean Literature at Harvard University and the translator/editor of numerous volumes of Korean poetry. His own poetry has been published in Poetry, Ploughshares, Runes, and in the Pushcart Prize Anthology. For his scholarly work, he received the Korean Cultural Oder of Merit in 2006, and the Manhae Prize in 2004.

David McCann is Korea Foundation Professor of Korean Literature in the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations at Harvard University. He is the recipient of the Order of Culture Merit Award (2006), the Manhae Prize in Arts and Sciences (2004), the Daesan Foundation Translation Grant (1997), and the Korea P.E.N. Center Translation Prize (1994). His poetry has appeared in Poetry, Ploughshares, Runes, Prairie Schooner,and in the Pushcart Prize Anthology III. His books include Azaleas: Poems by Kim Sowol; Enough to Say It’s Far: Poems by Pak Chaesam, translated with Jiwon Shin; Traveler Maps: Poems by Ko Un; and The Columbia Anthology of Modern Korean Poetry.