By Patrick Carrington

Subjects: Poetry
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781930337268, 32 pages, August 2010

Table of contents

Learning History in Nursery School

Finding the Sound of Oak

In the Cedar Boxes of Our Souls


Some Bad Moon

The Smoke of St. Anthony’s

A Heraldry of Hands

First Lessons in Grace

Sunday Noon at First Baptist

Holy Water

Bon Voyage at 8th St. Station

The Kinship of Deer

The Taste of Apples Underground

Upstairs at O’Reilly’s

Relearning Our Shadows

The Logic for Improving a Neighborhood

The Information Age

Grazing the Southwest


Walking Sticks

Searching for Things to Worship

Fresh Light


Searching for Things to Worship
Sorting through fluttering debris
of thick boyhood days, tangle of jungle
browned with our absence,
I remember how you cupped
water at Cedar Creek,
your hands a chalice. And flowers

you planted near the bank
to make it your church,
somewhere to sit in the greening?
comfort of a private prayer.
A place one might see God
and not be surprised.

"Winner of the Codhill Poetry Chapbook Prize for 2006, Patrick Carrington's Thirst reads like a novena, a plea for understanding and mercy. " –Pauline Uchmanowicz, Final Judge