Time and Learning in the Special Education Classroom

By Libby Goodman

Series: SUNY series in Special Education
Paperback : 9780791403723, 255 pages, October 1990
Hardcover : 9780791403716, 255 pages, October 1990

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Table of contents


1. Time and Learning: An Overview

2. Learning Time in Theory and Practice

3. Patterns of Time Use

4. Conserving Instructional Time

5. Enhancing Learning Time and Student Engagement

6. Grouping for Instruction

7. Monitoring Student Performance

8. Monitoring Student Engagement

9. Increasing Instructional Effectiveness through Peer-Tutoring and Student Self-Management

10. Direct Instruction and Mastery Learning

11. The Future





Focusing on the relationship between time use and learning results, this book explores the instructional processes in special education classrooms. The text emphasizes teacher control of time resources at the classroom level, instructional management strategies that conserve and enhance instructional time, and the efficient and effective use of learning time to enhance student performance outcomes. The dual dimensions of time and task are incorporated throughout the text to communicate the essential message that time and the appropriate use of time go hand in hand in the classroom. Adequate time alone is a necessary but insufficient condition for maximal learning to occur.

Time and Learning in the Special Education Classroom strikes a balance between research and application to achieve a scholarly yet readable text, relevant for both pre-service and in-service teachers, supervisors, principals, administrators, and teacher educators.

Libby Goodman is Assistant Professor of Special Education at the Pennsylvania State University.


"The volume is authoritative, complete, and thoroughly referenced. It stands alone as a single source of information on instructional time and time management for this population. Dr. Goodman is to be commended for this insightful and important scholarly work. " — Patrick J. Schloss, University of Missouri