Voices of Women Singing

By H. R. Stoneback

Subjects: Poetry, Memoir
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9781930337633, 328 pages, September 2011

Table of contents

I. Voices from the Radio, from Paris Nights
II. Paris Cahier: 1974
III. Island Voices
IV. Other Voices, Other Places

A radically innovative blend of poems, prosepoems, and memoir.


Voices of Women Singing is about women singing from Paris to Guadeloupe, New York to New Orleans; from the 1950s to the present. It's about love and song, suffering and loss, tragedy and joy, betrayal and atonement. And it's funny, too.

H. R. Stoneback, Distinguished Professor of the State University of New York, is the author or editor of twenty-six books (half poetry, half literary criticism) and hundreds of essays on American literature. He is a leading Hemingway scholar of international reputation, and his recent books Reading Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises and Hemingway's Paris: Our Paris? have been nominated for numerous awards and received widespread praise. His poetry also has been widely published and received numerous awards.


"Voices of Women Singing is a funny, tragic, wonderful book … Stoneback writes always with good humor and great passion—about Paris, about love, about grief and joy, about the gains and losses of more than half a century gone. " — Alex Andriesse Shakespeare, writer, Boston College

"A virtuosic synthesis of disparate forms and haunting formulations, Voices of Women Singing is 'life-writing' of a wholly new and overwhelming kind, 'written' in the fullest sense and born of a life lived with passionate intensity. " — William Bedford Clark, poet-critic, Texas A&M University

"H. R. Stoneback's Voices of Women Singing … [is] an epic account of roots and sources, and it's close to the bone, intimate beyond words, stirring. Love is at the center of this book: romantic love, love of music, and love as a driving (and saving) force. " — William Boyle, writer, University of Mississippi

"There are only a few voices I can listen to and feel the way I ought to feel in church. H. R. Stoneback's Voices of Women Singing captures some of those voices … These are sacred songs; these are eternal poems. Listen slowly with infinite love and compassion. " — Matthew Nickel, poet-editor, University of Louisiana