Workbook in Redesigning Public Services, A

By Leonard Ruchelman

Series: SUNY series in Public Administration
Paperback : 9780887069437, 85 pages, April 1989

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Table of contents


1. Introduction: The Redesign of Public Services

2. Diagnosing Public Service Problems and Getting Organized

Determining Symptoms
Determining Causes
Getting Organized

3. Analyzing Service Delivery Alternatives

Identifying Alternative Approaches
Identifying Other Alternatives Where Necessary
Assessing Alternatives

4. Communicating the Results

Preparing the Draft Report
Reviewing the Draft Report
Transmitting the Final Report
Preparing an Implementation Workplan
Summary and Conclusion

Appendix A. The Anatomy of a Public Service Problem: Rebuilding the Wollman Memorial Rink in New York's Central Park

Apendix B. Sample Contracting-Out Agreement

Appendix C. Sample Intergovernmental Service Agreements

Appendix D. Sample Service Redesign Report


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While citizens usually want more from government, they generally are included to pay less in taxes. When resources become scarce, as has been the case for most public jurisdictions, innovative methods must be developed for responding to service and cost pressures. How can this be done? A Workbook in Redesigning Public Services stresses a hands-on, how-to approach to diagnosing service delivery problems, analyzing alternative ways of delivering services, and communicating solutions to the policy makers. Among the service options considered are contracting with a private firm, inter-governmental agreements, self-help, franchises, grants and subsidies, and vouchers.

Leonard I. Ruchelman is Professor of Urban Studies and Public Administration at Old Dominion University. He is the author of A Workbook in Program Design for Public Managers also published by SUNY Press.