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Mike Rinella, Senior Acquisitions Editor
Areas of focus: African American Studies (Social Sciences); Environmental Studies; Political Science; Philosophy

James Peltz, Editor-in-Chief
Areas of focus: Asian Studies; Religious Studies; Italian American Studies; Film Studies; Jewish Studies

Rebecca Colesworthy, Sr. Acquisitions Editor
Areas of focus: African American Studies (Humanities); Education (Higher Education, Multicultural, and Social Justice); Indigenous Studies; Latin American, Latinx, and Iberian Studies; Literary and Cultural Studies; Queer Studies; Women’s and Gender Studies

Richard Carlin, Senior Acquisitions Editor
Areas of focus: Education; Excelsior Editions; Music; New York/Regional Studies; Textbooks (Humanities and Social Sciences only)

Explore our Series:

African American Studies, John R. Howard and Robert C. Smith, eds.
Largely social scientific in methodology, the books in this series offer rigorous and innovative African American studies scholarship in the fields of political science, public policy, and sociology.

American Constitutionalism, Robert J. Spitzer, ed.
Encouraging interdisciplinary inquiries, this series features both traditional and new perspectives on American constitutionalism. We welcome traditional examinations of constitutional issues that incorporate court cases, the rule of law, constitutional history and development, civil liberties and civil rights, the separation of powers, and the role of the courts. Also of great interest are modes of constitutional inquiry that look at the role of institutions beyond the courts, relations between received constitutional meaning and popular understanding, and the myriad connections between law and politics.

Ancient Greek Philosophy, Anthony Preus, ed.
This series inclues scholarship on rhetoric, ethics, politics, science, and justice, with books on Plato, Aristotle, various pre-Socratic thinkers such as Anaximander, and the Neoplatonists.

Comparative Politics, Gregory S. Mahler, ed.
This series publishes cutting-edge work in comparative politics, with a focus on those studies emphasizing the importance of political institutions and political structures and the way that these affect political behavior and public policy. Each book in the series will demonstrate a mastery of material though the use of empirical data and appropriate methodological analysis. We seek manuscripts for this series that are comparative in scope and perspective and that also do an effective job of showing the relationship between conventional political-analytic studies of institutions and the more “relevant” policy studies.

Environmental Governance: Local-Regional-Global Interactions, Peter Stoett and Owen Temby, eds.
This series seeks to publish high quality research that simultaneously examines the evolving dialogue between actors and institutions at the local, regional, and global level with regard to present environmental challenges. The series welcomes contributions in the areas of comparative environmental politics, global environmental politics, international political economy, green political theory, natural resources and public policy, sustainable energy policy, urban environmental politics, and ecology and human rights.

Ethics and the Challenges of Contemporary Warfare, Steven C. Roach, ed.
At a time when identity politics and racial wars have captured global attention, new autonomous weapons systems, cyber capabilities, and robotic intelligence are impacting the role of human identity and strategy-making in twenty-first century modern warfare. This has provoked growing debate about the rules of war, ethics, governance, and security in contemporary warfare. The most pressing need for many is to rethink the role of human values, emotions, interests, and identity in terms of the changing conditions of modern warfare. This series is interested in books that address this need in broad, creative, and rigorous ways. It encourages new thinking and dynamic approaches that engage the ethical, cultural, political, legal, and strategic challenges of global security and governance in twenty-first century warfare. In doing so, it invites books that will analyze the limits and potential of existing rules, laws, and institutions, and explore the changing conditions of modern warfare.

James N. Rosenau Series in Global Politics, David C. Earnest, ed.
This series, established in honor of the late James N. Rosenau, a former SUNY Press author and series editor, seeks to publish innovative books that acknowledge that the world is undergoing profound transformations even as the habits of people and collectives resist change. Books in the series will embrace the whole range of issues on the global agenda and will do so using a wide variety of methodologies.

Labor Studies, Jeff Schuhrke and Richard Wells, eds.
NEW SERIES: We are actively soliciting submissions. Unprecedented economic inequality and the lasting impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic bring renewed urgency to questions of work and class in the United States and around the world. Labor studies scholars and practitioners have much to contribute to this growing discussion. As an interdisciplinary subject, labor studies encompasses history, sociology, economics, political science, anthropology, geography, journalism, popular education, and the arts. Further, labor studies includes not only traditional academics, but also professionals, activists, educators, and artists from unions, worker centers, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and elsewhere. This series will publish books that make innovative and timely contributions to the ever growing scholarly and public conversations on the past, present, and future of work and workers. Research that highlights how historical and contemporary political-economic relations of power shape intersections between labor, class, race, gender, sexuality, environment, and other critical areas of inquiry will be particularly welcome, as will studies that have a geographic focus on New York or the surrounding region.

New Political Science, Bradley J. Macdonald, ed.
A series of scholarly monographs and edited volumes that takes seriously that the study of politics is not just about understanding the world but also about creating the possibility for radical and progressive change towards justice and a fuller democratic life. The series is open to all fields of Political Science, as well as a variety of approaches, and is interested in historical, institutional and theoretical analyses that rethink the nature of politics in line with promoting and entrenching important practices toward justice and democracy.

Studies in Human Rights, Suzy Lee and Alexandra Moore, eds.
Recognizing the growing need for scholarship in human rights that is legible within, across, and outside of traditional disciplinary boundaries, this series addresses a broad range of human rights issues and actors from innovative perspectives. The series includes humanities and social sciences research -- theoretical, empirical, or material -- grounded in human rights as a complex legal, political, rhetorical, and moral framework. We welcome submissions that examines the contested histories and the limits of human rights normative discourses as well as human rights vernaculars and novel applications of rights concepts.

Thought and Legacy of Leo Strauss, Kenneth Hart Green, ed.
Books in this series deal directly with the interpretation of Strauss's thought in its various aspects, or with the explication of his diverse writings. Naturally the approach to Strauss's thought and writings may be either sympathetic or critical. Studies in which Strauss's works are compared with the works of other important thinkers are also welcome. We also expect to publish works dedicated to the exploration of themes and issues which follow from Strauss's thought (i.e., "his legacy"), but do not deal directly with his thought or writings. We would also like to consider translations of important works on Strauss from other languages.

Contemporary Jewish Thought, Richard A. Cohen, ed.
Throughout the twentieth century, and especially in the United States, France, Germany, and Israel, Jewish thought has been creative, profound, and productive, drawing on such diverse disciplines as philosophy, religious studies, historiography, feminism, literary studies, mysticism, aesthetics, and political theory. In all these areas the stimulus for intellectual development has come not only from internal developments within the long tradition of Jewish civilization, but also, and often most poignantly, from areas outside of Judaism and Jewish thought proper. Under the general editorship of Richard A. Cohen, this series seeks to publish books that explore and extend the boundaries of contemporary Jewish thought.

Black Women’s Wellness, Stephanie Y. Evans, ed.
This series will publish scholarly monographs and edited volumes by, for, and about women in the African diaspora that illuminate the rich history, science, representations, and experiences of Black women’s wellness. Broadly defined as optimal health—including physical, psychological, emotional, social, spiritual, and sexual health—this inquiry into wellness is anchored in Black Women’s Studies (BWST), the goal of which has always been, in Barbara Smith’s words, “to save Black women’s lives.” Accordingly, the series will draw on and further expand BWST’s engagement with various theoretical frameworks, questions of identity, different disciplines, activism and social justice work, and location-based analysis. Topics may include healing, care and self-care, health challenges and crises, advocacy and policy, and practical strategies or program models for improving individual and collective well-being. Proposals are welcome from scholars and research collectives in and across public health, psychology, political science, sociology, anthropology, education, literature, history, religion, media, the arts, and fields such as disability studies and the medical humanities that might offer a unique approach to the study of race, gender, and wellness.

Philosophy and Race, Robert Bernasconi and T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting, eds.
The series tackles abstract questions like the concept of race and epistemological foundations of racism, concrete investigations of subjects ranging from the incarceration of political activists of color to race and nationality in the post-9/11 United States, and studies of how philosophers such as Nietzsche and Sartre can be read within a framework of race. Also looks at primary source material of such 18th-century philosophers as Kant and his writings on race.

Trans-Indigenous Decolonial Critiques, Arturo Arias, ed.
This series explores the complexity and current debates of interdisciplinary Global Indigenous Studies from multiple decolonial perspectives that challenge accepted truths about Indigenous subjects. Books in the series offer multidisciplinary alternatives broadly based on transnational, hemispheric, or global positionalities that may be located in such areas of study as identity, sovereignty, politics and rights, racism, visual arts and performance, literatures, Indigenous feminisms, Indigenous queer politics, or ecocriticism.

Tribal Worlds: Critical Studies in American Indian Nation Building, Brian Hosmer and Larry Nesper, eds.
Tribal Worlds showcases emerging research on how the Native peoples of North America have forged modern indigenous communities amidst national and international pressures as well as the ongoing effects of colonialism. The series is particularly interested in studies that blend ethnography with archival research, that situate current expressions of tribal governance and reservation political economy within comparative and historical contexts, or that focus on conditions of settler colonialism and tribal nation building. This series also encourages studies that engage emerging methodological and interpretive issues, particularly as they engage current issues and challenges.

Critical Race Studies in Education, Derrick R. Brooms, ed.
This series is committed to publishing scholarly monographs and edited volumes that use a critical race lens to investigate a range of educational settings, systems, and experiences. Possible areas of focus include but are not limited to undergraduate and graduate education, K–12, language and literacy, pedagogy, policy, political economy, governance, and curriculum. Diverse critical frameworks and methodologies are welcome from fields such as education, sociology, anthropology, rhetoric and composition, linguistics, history, philosophy, Africana and Black studies, Indigenous studies, Latinx studies, ethnic studies, women’s and gender studies, and queer studies. Of particular interest are studies that not only shed light on race and racism as institutional norms and structural phenomena in education but also make space for the stories of students, teachers, staff, and communities.

Queer Politics and Cultures, Cynthia Burack and Jyl J. Josephson, eds.
In recent years, vigorous public and intellectual debates over LGBTQIA gender and sexuality have given rise to new interdisciplinary fields of inquiry. This series is dedicated to publishing monographs and edited volumes that explore the wide range of topics, approaches, and intellectual investments in LGBTQIA studies. Books in this series represent a range of identitarian and nonidentitarian perspectives: from interdisciplinary scholarship on gender and sexuality to LGBTQIA research in politics, cultural studies, history, psychology, geography, anthropology, and related disciplines.

Latin American and Iberian Thought and Culture, Rosemary G. Feal, ed., and Jorge J. E. Gracia, founding ed.
For 30 years, this series has published works on the culture and intellectual history of Latin America, Spain, Portugal, and the Hispanophone and Lusophone world. Remaining deliberately open to wide-ranging subjects and approaches, it currently seeks broad disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies of various forms of cultural production (e.g., literature, the arts, philosophy, political and social thought), as well as more specific investigations of key historical and contemporary issues in Latin American and Iberian culture and society (e.g., issues of intersecting identities).

An American Region: Studies in the Hudson Valley, Thomas Wermuth, ed.
From Henry Hudson's initial explorations in 1609 to the recent controversy over dredging for PCBs, the Hudson Valley has been a microcosm of America. Devoted solely to the study of the Hudson River and its environs, this series publishes academic and trade books that aim to advance our understanding of this important region and the major role it has played in the historical, cultural, financial, and political development of the United States.

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Hindutva and Violence

Examines the place of history in the political thought of Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, one of the key architects of modern Hindu nationalism.

Racial Equity on College Campuses

Offers insight into race-based disparities in higher education and practical tools for advancing racial equity on college and university campuses.

Technologies of Human Rights Representation

Analyzes the effects of new technologies on human rights, with a particular focus on how representations of technology affect our ability to understand and control it.

Liberating Revolution

Provides a novel conceptual and practical theory of revolution, engaging previous theories of revolution, contemporary continental philosophy, and systems theory.

How Trump and the Christian Right Saved LGBTI Human Rights

Traces the Trump administration's surprising support for LGBTI human rights abroad to Trump's indifference and the cynicism and political interests of Christian conservative elites.

Empire Imagined

Examines the deep roots of the American way of war.

Philosophy, Mysticism, and the Political

Nine masterful essays on Dante’s Divine Comedy and his political theology by one of today’s leading Italian philosophers.

The Tyranny of Common Sense

Elucidates how neoliberalism rules all areas of life and operates as a form of common sense, taking Mexico as a case study.

The Last Noble Gendarme

Gripping account of the life of the Russian Tsar’s last chief of security and intelligence.

Ecology on the Ground and in the Clouds

Follows Alexander von Humboldt and Aimé Bonpland as they travel together in South America and then go their separate ways, in the process illustrating two very different ways of understanding humanity's place in the natural world.


Describes the profound social impact of the overthrow of the Thai absolute monarchy in 1932, and explains the importance of democracy in a country long known for authoritarian politics.

The Nation or the Ummah

Explains why Turkey embraced the Arab Spring despite the risk both domestically and internationally.

Democracy at the Ballpark

Examines how the national pastime of baseball has the capacity to shape politics and American democracy.

Leo Strauss on Democracy, Technology, and Liberal Education

The first book-length study of Leo Strauss' understanding of the relation between modern democracy, technology, and liberal education.

Christianity and Politics in Tribal India

Chronicles the astonishing and counterintuitive spread of Christianity among a group of previously isolated tribes in a remote and hilly part of Northeastern India.

Capitalism for All

Demonstrates that a true liberal capitalism has the capacity to enable personal well-being while dealing with new challenges such as pandemics, climate change, and automation.

The Fatah-Hamas Rift

By Gadi Hitman
Subjects: Area Studies

Analyzes the relationship between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas since 2007, a period of time that has been marked by the parties' continual failure to end political disagreements and formulate a common national vision.

FDR's Budgeteer and Manager-in-Chief

First study of Harold D. Smith, FDR’s budget director from 1939 to 1945.

Crisis Narratives, Institutional Change, and the Transformation of the Japanese State

Looking at Japan, traces crisis narratives across three decades and ten policy fields, with the aim of disentangling discursively manufactured crises from actual policy failures.

From Pariah to Priority

Incorporates a unique diplomatic, insider perspective to explain the unexpected incorporation of LGBTI rights into American and Swedish foreign policies.

A New American Labor Movement

Describes how new kinds of direct-action labor movements are emerging to reshape American labor activism in the twenty-first century.

Much Sound and Fury, or the New Jim Crow?

Edited by Michael A. Smith
Subjects: Politics And Law

Intensive look at restrictive new voting laws ostensibly designed to target voter fraud but criticized as being racially-based voter suppression.

The Future of Lenin

Essays that argue in favor of Lenin's continuing relevance for twenty-first century politics and thought.

Truly Blessed and Highly Favored

An intimate and moving account of how the author rose from poverty to become a major Black political figure in New York State.

The Dialectics of Global Justice

Draws on Marx and the first-generation Frankfurt School to make the case that cosmopolitanism must become a postcapitalist political theory.