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Welcome to our virtual booth for the 2022 New York State–St. Lawrence chapter of the American Musicological Society.

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Richard Carlin, Sr. Acquisitions Editor

SUNY Press is building a new list of books on music, including textbooks, scholarly monographs, and trade titles. Forthcoming series include introductions to popular musical styles and textbooks on music history and theory.

Our Series in Music:

Jazz Styles, SUNY Press, ed.
NEW SERIES: We are actively soliciting submissions. SUNY Press Jazz Styles publishes brief, introductory volumes aimed at the general reader and college-level student who wishes to learn more about the basic jazz genres, from the turn of the twentieth century to today. These volumes are designed to highlight each style's key performers and promoters, how it has evolved over time, and what its continuing relevance is today.

Contemporary Writings on Jazz, Ben Bierman, ed.
NEW SERIES: We are actively soliciting submissions. Contemporary Writings on Jazz focuses on current approaches to the research and discussion of jazz-related music. This series examines music from a wide and open perspective that is sensitive to critical issues of this moment, including race, gender, technology, intellectual property, and appropriation. The goal of the series is to contribute to the process of broadening the way we talk and think about music as well as how we discuss its place in society. We seek to be a welcoming home for a rich array of voices, viewpoints, perspectives, topics, and approaches, both from within and outside the academy.

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Ways of the Hand

A visual and narrative memoir of a lifetime's encounters with 112 trendsetters, musicians, politicians, writers, and ordinary people by a noted folklorist-photographer.


The incredible, true story of the twentieth century's greatest performing sea lion and the man who trained him.

Ida Rubinstein

The critical biography of a dynamic and under-represented figure who produced and starred in some of the most innovative works of her day.

The Musical, Second Edition

A complete introduction to musical theater from its roots in the eighteenth century through today, written by a master historian.

Rock on Record

Rock on Record shows students how to listen to and enjoy the rich repertory of rock records made between the 1950s and 1980s.

Gilbert and Sullivan

By Kurt Gänzl
Subjects: Literature

Highlights the original cast members—both the well-known and the (until now) wholly unknown—who staged the duo's comic operas in Britain and in America.