Gender Studies

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The Gender of Desire

Articles and essays on the construction of male sexuality by a pioneer in the field of masculinity studies.

The Logic of Sexuation

Challenges essentialist notions of gender through a detailed account of Lacan's theories of gender, sexuality, and sexual difference.


Explores the ways that stereotypes of heterosexuality are portrayed and constructed in film.

Postfeminist News

Examines the representation of women in the media.

Taste and the Household

Shows how lousy food, cheesy clothes, and dingy homes can ruin our lives.

Double Jeopardy

Enables teachers and other school personnel working with students with disabilities to provide a gender equitable educational experience.


Examines the pleasures, perils, and promises of professing one's sexual identity.

Higher Goals

Offers a fascinating ethnography of physicality and gender relations in women's team contact sports.

Sexing the Text

Charts the emergence of a new kind of heterosexual rhetoric in eighteenth-century British literature, providing a nuanced reinterpretation of gender and its role in the major genres of the period.

Object Lessons

An important contribution to our understanding and interpretation of fetishism and of what fetishism can teach us about sexuality, gender, belief, and knowledge.

Sport and Postmodern Times

Using postmodern social theory, this book expands our understanding of sport, the body, and the broader physical culture.

Managing Gender

Evaluates the implementation of affirmative action programs for women in Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand sporting organizations.

Gendering Classicism

Explores the intersection of feminism, historical fiction, and modernism through the work of six writers who wrote historical novels set in ancient Greece or Rome: Naomi Mitchison, Mary Butts, Laura Riding, Phyllis Bentley, Bryher, and Mary Renault.

PostNegritude Visual and Literary Culture

Shows how film, literature, photography, and television news broadcasts construct myths about race, gender, sexuality, and nation and reinforce socialized ways of looking at these identities, and examines how some creative works and public reactions challenge these myths.

The Swimsuit Issue and Sport

Explores the cultural meanings of the swimsuit issue and shows how Sports Illustrated secures a large audience of men by creating a climate of hegemonic masculinity.

Gender Equality and American Jews

Based on the 1990 National Jewish Population Survey, this book analyzes gender equality in education, labor force participation, and occupational achievement among American Jews, and offers a comparison with the wider American population and Israeli Jews.

Memories of Migration

Offers a comparative historical study of women’s migration from Russia and Italy to New York at the turn of the 20th century. Taking an interdisciplinary and global perspective, the book examines the causes and consequences of women’s migration, contrasting the adaptation experiences of Jewish and Italian women.

Circles and Settings

Circles and Settings: Role Changes of American Women is an original, comprehensive analysis of changing roles of American women at a time of great upheaval and public, as well as social science, commentary. ...

Modern Engendering

This book contains readings of canonical Western philosophical texts from the viewpoint of current feminist thinking. The contributors focus specifically on the ways in which modern Western philosophy ...

Gender and Work

In this book, Lehman compares the ministry styles of women and men focussing on clergy of Protestant Congregations (ministers, clerics, preachers, and parsons). He offers strong statistical support for ...

Gender and University Teaching

This book examines university teaching from several perspectives: What male and female professors do in the classroom, their perceptions and feelings about teaching, and how students respond. Data were ...