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The Quest for Wholeness

"This book has been written for the artist, for the theologian, and for the philosopher, each of whom must be concerned with the question, "What does it mean to be human?" But at a deeper level, it is ...

Existential Technics

With Existential Technics, Don Ihde advances his reflections on the role technology plays in human life. Heretofore primarily the province of Continental thinkers, philosophy of technology is a growing ...

The Spirit of American Philosophy

This revised edition of John E. Smith's classic details the phenomenal growth in American philosophy in the years since the book first appeared. Through the addition of a new chapter and the readdressing ...

Insights and Oversights of Great Thinkers

One learns a great deal about a major philosopher by coming to appreciate his perspective on the history of philosophy. Here Charles Hartshorne gives us just such a perspective on the history of philosophy ...

Eros and Irony

"The conception of culture and philosophy's role within it developed in this work permits interesting formulations of a number of important issues and concepts: the relations between the utopian and utilitarian ...


By Joseph Owens
Edited by John R. Catan
Subjects: Philosophy

"Great philosophers as well as great artists have the gift of inspiring profoundly different conceptions and meaning in the individuals who contemplate their work," writes Joseph Owens. Even now, twenty-three ...

Reconstruction of Thinking

The Renaissance development of science fulfilled the ancient ideal of integrating quantitative and qualitative thinking, but failed to recognize valuational thinking and thus deprived moral, aesthetic, ...

Whitehead's Organic Philosophy of Science

A new approach to Whitehead's philosophy of science, relating his mature metaphysical system to contemporary discussions in the philosophy of science.

The Philosophy of Mullā Ṣadrā (Ṣadr al-Dīn al-Shirāzī)

By Fazlur Rahman
Subjects: Philosophy

Explores the philosophy of Mulla Sadra Shirazi.

Whitehead's Ontology

By John W. Lango
Subjects: Philosophy

An examination of Whitehead's metaphysics through a study of his Process and Reality.

Ethics and Social Justice

Hailed by philosopher Sidney Hook as "a landmark in the history of American philosophy," the International Philosophy Year in 1967-68 brought seventy of the Western world's most distinguished philosophers ...

Naturalism and Subjectivism

By Marvin Farber
Subjects: Philosophy

This book will assist readers of philosophical literature to understand and to appraise a large section of the controversial philosophical thought of our time. The central theme is the conflict between ...