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The Remote Borderland

Explores how Transylvania figures in the Hungarian imagination and how this border region functions in the creation of national identity.

Rawls and Religion

Employs the political philosophy of John Rawls to address controversies involving politics and religion.

Through the Lens of Israel

Essays on the formation of Israeli state and society during the twentieth century.

Global Limits

Explores the limits of Kantian approaches to the study of international affairs.

Sport, Nationalism, and Globalization

Explores the relationship between sport and national identities within the context of globalization in the modern era.

The Problem of Trieste and the Italo-Yugoslav Border

Uses the history of Trieste and the Italo-Yugoslav border to examine how representations of difference have affected the politics of sovereignty during the twentieth century.

Technology and Capital in the Age of Lean Production

The first defense of Marxian political economy against the common interest claims of "lean production. "

Which Lessons Matter?

Christopher Hemmer offers a model for how U. S. decision makers use the lessons of history to diagnose and make policy choices.

Filled with Spirit and Power

Explores the many factors shaping the level of political involvement displayed by urban Protestant clergy.

Political Theory and Partisan Politics

Renowned theorists address the interconnections between those who engage in political struggle and those who study it.

Various Thoughts on the Occasion of a Comet

A new translation of Pierre Bayle's first great work, which undermines the influence of "superstition" in political life and laid the groundwork for the separation of church and state.

Marx and Engels

Presents the first major study of Marx and Engels in two decades and the only study since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the recognized crisis of global capitalism.

On Narrow Ground

Uses case studies of Jerusalem and Belfast to explore how cities function in the midst of nationalistic conflict.

Review Essays in Israel Studies

Introduces the cutting edge issues and current scholarship in the interdisciplinary field of Israel Studies.

The Sometime Connection

Explores the role that public opinion plays in the development of social policy in the United States.

The Urban Growth Machine

Two decades after Harvey Molotch’s “city as a growth machine,” this book offers a unique, critical assessment of his thesis.

The Color of Freedom

Offers a fresh, distinctive, and compelling analysis of the United States's continuing dilemma of race.

Socrates' Education to Virtue

Argues that Plato's dialogues contain a surprisingly neglected account of Socrates' education about the love of noble virtue and that recovering this education could help broaden and deepen liberalism's moral and political horizon.

Speech and Political Practice

Argues that rebuilding ethical communities will require a cultural reorientation from visually dominated to oral/aural experience and develops a speech-based conception of moral place that can set limits on the actions of individuals and communities.

Democracy and the Policy Sciences

Examines how a more democratic, participatory policy analysis could be conceptualized in theory and administered in practice.

Hegel and Feminist Social Criticism

This book draws mutually enlightening parallels between controversial themes in contemporary feminist thought and Hegel's political philosophy. Jeffrey A. Gauthier argues that feminism can gainfully employ ...

The Civil Rights Act of 1964

Tells the story (in the participants' own words) of how a determined southern filibuster was turned back in the U. S. Senate and the 1964 Civil Rights Act made into law.

Wrongness, Wisdom, and Wilderness

Defends a libertarian social ethic that can support government action in pursuit of social goals and offers a new perspective on the relationship between social ethics, personal ethics, and environmental ethics.

Flashpoints in Environmental Policymaking

Presents alternative and often opposing viewpoints on the major national and international environmental controversies that will be with us well into the twenty-first century.

Global Convulsions

Addresses issues concerning race, ethnicity, and nationlism in both their domestic and international dimension.