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Sport, Nationalism, and Globalization

Explores the relationship between sport and national identities within the context of globalization in the modern era.

The Problem of Trieste and the Italo-Yugoslav Border

Uses the history of Trieste and the Italo-Yugoslav border to examine how representations of difference have affected the politics of sovereignty during the twentieth century.

Technology and Capital in the Age of Lean Production

The first defense of Marxian political economy against the common interest claims of "lean production. "

Which Lessons Matter?

Christopher Hemmer offers a model for how U. S. decision makers use the lessons of history to diagnose and make policy choices.

Filled with Spirit and Power

Explores the many factors shaping the level of political involvement displayed by urban Protestant clergy.

Political Theory and Partisan Politics

Renowned theorists address the interconnections between those who engage in political struggle and those who study it.

Various Thoughts on the Occasion of a Comet

A new translation of Pierre Bayle's first great work, which undermines the influence of "superstition" in political life and laid the groundwork for the separation of church and state.

Marx and Engels

Presents the first major study of Marx and Engels in two decades and the only study since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the recognized crisis of global capitalism.

On Narrow Ground

Uses case studies of Jerusalem and Belfast to explore how cities function in the midst of nationalistic conflict.

Review Essays in Israel Studies

Introduces the cutting edge issues and current scholarship in the interdisciplinary field of Israel Studies.

The Sometime Connection

Explores the role that public opinion plays in the development of social policy in the United States.

The Urban Growth Machine

Two decades after Harvey Molotch’s “city as a growth machine,” this book offers a unique, critical assessment of his thesis.

The Color of Freedom

Offers a fresh, distinctive, and compelling analysis of the United States's continuing dilemma of race.

Socrates' Education to Virtue

Argues that Plato's dialogues contain a surprisingly neglected account of Socrates' education about the love of noble virtue and that recovering this education could help broaden and deepen liberalism's moral and political horizon.

Speech and Political Practice

Argues that rebuilding ethical communities will require a cultural reorientation from visually dominated to oral/aural experience and develops a speech-based conception of moral place that can set limits on the actions of individuals and communities.

Democracy and the Policy Sciences

Examines how a more democratic, participatory policy analysis could be conceptualized in theory and administered in practice.

Hegel and Feminist Social Criticism

This book draws mutually enlightening parallels between controversial themes in contemporary feminist thought and Hegel's political philosophy. Jeffrey A. Gauthier argues that feminism can gainfully employ ...

The Civil Rights Act of 1964

Tells the story (in the participants' own words) of how a determined southern filibuster was turned back in the U. S. Senate and the 1964 Civil Rights Act made into law.

Wrongness, Wisdom, and Wilderness

Defends a libertarian social ethic that can support government action in pursuit of social goals and offers a new perspective on the relationship between social ethics, personal ethics, and environmental ethics.

Flashpoints in Environmental Policymaking

Presents alternative and often opposing viewpoints on the major national and international environmental controversies that will be with us well into the twenty-first century.

Global Convulsions

Addresses issues concerning race, ethnicity, and nationlism in both their domestic and international dimension.

The Politics of Expertise in Congress

Examines the relationship between technical experts and elected officials, challenging the prevailing view about how experts become politicized by the policy process.

Creative Individualism

Constructs a cohesive picture of political theorist C. B. Macpherson's democratic vision, arguing that Macpherson's central message regarding the economic prerequisites of democracy is just as relevant today as when he first presented it.

Staking Out the Terrain

An original approach to the study of bureaucratic behavior that formulates a model of agency power supported by analysis of seven federal natural resource agencies.

Putting Choice Before Democracy

Shows how rational choice theory's critique and justification of democracy fails in its project to recast democratic theory.

Children in Court

Through an analysis of Supreme Court and lower court decisions over the last several decades, this book determines the extent to which the federal courts have affected the legal, political, economic, and social status of children in the U. S.

Racism in the Post-Civil Rights Era

This book convincingly demonstrates that racism continues to exist in contemporary American society twenty-five years after the civil rights revolution.

Daughters of Palestine

Based on interviews with 35 women leaders, this is the first study of women's involvement in the Palestinian National Movement from the revolution in the mid-1960s to the Palestinian-Israeli peace process in the 1990s.

Ecological Resistance Movements

Edited by Harold Coward
Subjects: Sociology

Shows how the major world religions view the environmental problems of over population and excess resource consumption, and how they approach possible solutions.

Removing College Price Barriers

Presents the political, economic, and demographic factors that interact to produce and perpetuate increasing college price barriers.

Immigrants and Nationalists

In this empirical and theoretical study of nationalism, ethnicity, and immigration, the author compares the reception of large numbers of immigrants in Catalonia, the Basque country, Latvia, and Estonia--developed regions that possess distinct cultures and nationalist movements.

The State, Society, and Limited Nuclear War

This is an examination of the extent to which nuclear weapons policy has been democratically controlled, showing that a policy elite insulated from society eventually lost its autonomy.

Theorizing Citizenship

This is an anthology of essays on citizenship by such well-known theorists as Habermas, Walzer, Flathman, Iris Marion Young, MacIntyre, Ignatieff, and George Armstrong Kelly.

Overcoming Obstacles in Environmental Policymaking

This book examines why policies and laws intended to protect the environment often do not work. In particular, Gamman addresses the fundamental reasons why efforts to protect natural resources in the ...

Tocqueville's Civil Religion

Sanford Kessler offers a provocative and timely analysis of Alexis de Tocqueville's views on the relationship between Christianity and American democracy. These views are central to Tocqueville's discussions ...

Real Security

With the end of the Cold War and the extraordinary military competition that characterized it, the meaning of national security is being redefined. This book participates in that task by proposing a new, ...

Postmodern Politics for a Planet in Crisis

Argues that the planetary crisis, which has been produced by modernity, demands a postmodern politics.

The United States and the Middle East

This book advances a critical analysis of U. S. Middle East policy and offers alternative perspectives. It highlights areas of policy shortcomings in the wake of ongoing global and domestic changes and ...

Politics and Public Policy in Hawai'i

Hawai'i is of special interest as a state because its history differs so greatly from that of the other United States and because its social and political institutions are unique. It is, for example, ...

Political Culture and Foreign Policy in Latin America

This book explores the impact of Latin America's political culture on the international politics of the region. It offers a general account of traditional Iberian political culture while examining how ...

Liberty and Community

This book examines the competing visions of liberty and community in Canada. Focusing attention on constitutional debate in Ontario after the Confederation of 1867, the author shows how the defenders ...

Wykked Wyves and the Woes of Marriage

Analysis of the literature demonstrates a link between the growing secularism and careerism of the late middle ages and the reduction of women’s social status and public options.

The Death of Industrial Civilization

The Death of Industrial Civilization explains how the contemporary ecological crisis within industrial society is caused by the values inherent in unlimited economic growth and competitive materialism. ...

Holistic Health and Biomedical Medicine

Holistic Health and Biomedical Medicine outlines a new framework for social science research. Illustrated in an analysis of the American health care system, Lyng presents an empirical study of the relationship ...

Liberty, Property, and the Future of Constitutional Development

This book is a discussion of current trends in the constitutional protection of economic liberties. Since the mid-1930's, the Supreme Court has been reluctant to replace legislative judgements on matters ...

Supremely Political

Drawing upon revealing and generally unpublished presidential papers associated with Lyndon Johnson's ill-fated nomination of Abe Fortas, and Richard Nixon's failed designations of Clement F. Haynsworth ...

Global Capitalism

How have global markets and global manufacturing changed the balance of social, economic and political power? With this volume Ross and Trachte challenge existing political-economic theory. In concise ...

Morality among Nations

Morality among Nations, a rejoinder to Hans Morgenthau's Politics among Nations, offers a pathbreaking synthesis of sociobiology and international relations theory. It shows that two different moralities ...

When the Marching Stopped

This book takes the "next step" in the study of the civil rights movement in the United States. To date, the vast majority of books on the civil rights movement have analyzed either the origins and philosophies, ...

Worker and Community

By Brian Greenberg
Subjects: History

Worker and Community focuses on the social and cultural impact of industrialization in Albany, New York during the middle decades of the nineteenth century. More than a local study, it uses Albany as ...

The World of Yesterday's Humanist Today

Edited by Marion Sonnenfeld
Subjects: General Interest

Fifty years ago, Stefan Zweig, who committed suicide in 1942, was the most widely read and translated living writer in the world. Zweig's Vienna was a world of bright, brittle superficialities, in which ...

The State in Socialist Society

Edited by Neil Harding
Subjects: Politics And Law

The focus of all the essays in this collection is the problem of state power in Communist regimes. The problematic nature of the relationship between state and society has troubled the marxist tradition ...

The Influence of the Carnegie, Ford, and Rockefeller Foundations on American Foreign Policy

Examines the generally unrecognized role played by these foundations in support of US foreign policy.

Presidential Government in Gaullist France

In Presidential Government in Gaullist France, William G. Andrews describes and explains the basic character of executive-legislative relations in Gaullist France from 1958 to 1974. He demonstrates that ...