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Areas of Scholarly Focus

SUNY Press publishes in a number of diverse academic areas. The Press’s current areas of focus include:

African American Studies
Asian Studies
Environmental Studies
Film Studies
Hispanic and Latin American Studies
Indigenous Studies
Italian American Studies
Jewish Studies
New York/Regional
Nineteenth-Century Studies
Political Science
Queer Studies
Religious Studies
Transpersonal Psychology
Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century Studies
Women’s and Gender Studies

AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES Subjects and topics of interest include diasporic issues, civil rights, black churches, music, urban issues, families, blackness, racialization, film, literature, visual culture, black power movement, incarceration and prisons, slavery and its legacies, citizenship and nationalism, black youth, segregation, Afrocentrism, and Pan Africanism.
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List of our titles in African American Studies

ASIAN STUDIES is an interdisciplinary subject area covering humanities and social sciences related to Asia. SUNY Press is a leading press in the field and is particularly well known for books on early China, Chinese philosophy and culture, comparative philosophy, and South Asian religions and cultures. The Press also publishes scholarly translations of significant works from early through contemporary periods. In addition to our traditional strengths, we seek books that focus on Asian diasporas; intersections of race, gender, and class; theorizations of modernity and postcolonial histories; and works from a variety of theoretical perspectives that contest or transcend traditional East-West dichotomies.
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List of our titles in Asian Studies 

EDUCATION SUNY Press has published on a wide range of topics in education. Current areas of interest include higher education and critical university studies, sociology of education, social studies and social justice pedagogy, international and comparative education, multilingual and multicultural education, urban and rural education, philosophy of education, arts education, and literacy studies.
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List of our titles in Education 

ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES SUNY Press seeks works that systematically study human interaction with the environment, including the natural environment, built environments, and the sets of relationships between them. SUNY Press has published on these issues in relation to public policy, politics, law, economics, philosophy, sociology, planning, pollution control, natural resources, and the interactions of human beings and nature.
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List of our titles in Environmental Studies  

FILM STUDIES SUNY Press has published a variety of books on the history, production, cultural reception, and social meaning of film. Current topics of interest include specific films, filmmakers, genres, historical eras of film production, and production processes, as well as multicultural, ethnographic, technical, and theoretical aspects of cinema.
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List of our titles in Film Studies 

HISPANIC AND LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES We seek books that explore the literature, visual arts, culture, philosophy, politics, and intellectual history of Spain and Latin America from a variety of theoretical and disciplinary perspectives in the humanities and social sciences. We welcome projects that intersect with Africana and diaspora studies, Caribbean studies, gender studies, Latinx studies, queer studies, and other related fields.
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List of our titles in Hispanic Studies
List of our titles in Latin American Studies 

INDIGENOUS STUDIES SUNY Press publishes works that draw upon a variety of scholarly disciplines—including history, anthropology, philosophy, literary criticism, political science, economics, cultural criticism—to illuminate the range and complexity of the experiences of indigenous peoples in the past, present, and into the future.
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List of our titles in Indigenous Studies

ITALIAN AMERICAN STUDIES In addition to scholarly studies in literature, film, sociology, anthropology, and history, we are interested in books for more general readers that can help extend the understanding of this important ethnic group and its role in the history and culture of the United States.
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List of our titles in Italian American Studies

JEWISH STUDIES SUNY Press has a long-standing and wide-ranging list in Jewish studies. We publish scholarly works on Jewish history, culture, religion, philosophy, and literature, with a particular focus on the modern and contemporary periods. We also publish in Israel studies and Holocaust studies.
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List of our titles in Jewish Studies

NEW YORK/REGIONAL Through its Excelsior Editions imprint, SUNY Press publishes general and scholarly books of history, geography, natural history, photography, architecture, cooking, wine, and travel/recreation, as well as works of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. Our aim is to showcase the diversity and abiding energy of the peoples, histories, and natural beauty of New York State.
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List of our titles in New York/Regional

NINETEENTH-CENTURY STUDIES One of the most exciting trends in scholarship on the nineteenth century is the tendency to redraw the boundaries of its chronological, national, and disciplinary limits. SUNY Press publishes books that extend the “Long Nineteenth Century” back in time to the mid–seventeen hundreds and forward through the fin de siècle and its connections to twentieth-century modernism. We welcome interdisciplinary projects that intersect a variety of fields, including literature, history, anthropology, history of medicine, urban studies, musicology, architecture, gender studies, art, science and technology studies, postcolonial studies, and subaltern studies.
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List of our titles in Nineteenth-Century Studies

PHILOSOPHY SUNY Press publishes widely in philosophy and the history of philosophy, including ancient philosophy, German Idealism, phenomenology, existentialism, hermeneutics, philosophy of religion, Asian and comparative philosophy, contemporary French and Italian philosophy, process philosophy, pragmatism, environmental philosophy, feminist philosophy and gender theory, philosophy and race, and indigenous philosophies.
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List of our titles in Philosophy

POLITICAL SCIENCE SUNY Press has published on a wide range of topics in this field, dealing with the study of governments, public policies, systems, and political behavior. We are particularly interested in the following subfields: political theory, political philosophy, political ideology, political economy, policy studies and analysis, comparative politics, international relations, and related fields such as public administration. Our books on political science use both humanistic and scientific perspectives and tools and a variety of methodological approaches to examine the process, systems, and political dynamics of all countries and regions of the world.
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List of our titles in Political Science

QUEER STUDIES SUNY Press invites books at the intersection of queer studies with fields such as history, politics, law, philosophy, psychoanalysis, literature, education, and religion. We have published works in the humanities and social sciences on LGBTQIA identities, activism, and archives, and the relationship of sexuality to gender, race, ethnicity, class, region, and ability. We also seek books that develop queer theoretical frameworks to approach various artistic, cultural, and social forms and phenomena.
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List of our titles in Queer Studies

RELIGIOUS STUDIES SUNY Press is perhaps best known for its books on Asian religions, including Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism, and Islam, as well as scholarly translations of significant works from Asian religious traditions. The Press is also recognized for books that address theology and continental philosophy; western esoteric traditions; and philosophy of religion. In addition, we welcome books from a variety of disciplinary and theoretical perspectives that explore religion in relation to gender, sexuality, science and technology, environmentalism, underrepresented voices and communities, and religion in political discourse.
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List of our titles in Religious Studies

TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY Topics of interest include spiritual self-development, peak experiences, mystical experiences, systemic trance, and other sublime and/or unusually expanded experiences of living.
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List of our titles in Transpersonal Psychology

TWENTIETH- AND TWENTY-FIRST-CENTURY STUDIES We seek books that examine literature and culture of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries from a range of fields and angles. Projects may focus on a specific period or movement (e.g., modernism) or pan out to make more expansive arguments about literary and cultural forms, ideas, institutions, and communities. Comparative, transnational, and interdisciplinary frameworks welcomed. Translations and projects that take creative or hybrid approaches to critical questions will also be considered.
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List of our titles in Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century Studies

WOMEN’S AND GENDER STUDIES SUNY Press has a number of series that offer feminist perspectives in many of our historically important disciplinary areas of acquisitions, including philosophy, religion, and literary criticism. In recent years, the list has deepened its offerings in cultural studies and other interdisciplinary fields. We have a strong focus on texts that deal with social justice and welcome submissions that bridge theory and practice, broadly conceived, and which conceptualize gender in relation to other axes of identity, power, and struggle.
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List of our titles in Women’s and Gender Studies