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Manuscript Review Process

Submitting Your Manuscript

Once your SUNY Press editor has invited you to submit a complete manuscript, please send her/him one electronic copy of the manuscript:

  • Double-spaced, with font in 12 point Times New Roman
  • In either Word or PDF format, preferably as one file.
  • If submitting an edited volume, please have each contributor use the same font/citation style.
  • Illustrations, figures, tables, and maps should be included, preferably embedded in the manuscript. However, you do NOT need to obtain permissions or high quality versions at this point.
  • A title page, table of contents, and bibliography should be included.

SUNY Press does not review manuscripts currently under review with another publisher. By sending us your complete manuscript, you are implicitly acknowledging that it is not under consideration elsewhere.

Peer Review

All scholarly books published by SUNY Press are subject to anonymous peer review and the final approval of our editorial board.. As an aid in helping us to secure external readers, please include with your manuscript the names and institutional affiliations of four to six individuals you believe are qualified to review your manuscript. We will consider your suggestions as we decide whom to query. Please do not suggest an individual who might have a potential conflict of interest, e.g.:

  • Is located on your campus, even if in a different department
  • Coauthored or coedited another book with you
  • Was on your dissertation committee
  • Has communicated in depth with you about this specific manuscript
  • Is a close personal friend
  • Is a mentor/mentee

Also, if you strongly believe a particular individual would not evaluate your manuscript in an objective and impartial manner, you should inform your editor. Do not contact any potential readers yourself, as this compromises the anonymity of the review process. Unless the readers specifically waive their anonymity, their identity will not be revealed to you.

Readers are given our reader’s report form, which asks them to evaluate the significance and quality of your manuscript.  Questions posed to readers include:

  • How does this manuscript contribute to its field?
  • Is the scholarship sound?
  • How effective is the manuscript’s organization?
  • Does the manuscript have a readable style?
  • Are there any sections of the manuscript that could be shortened, condensed, or omitted without loss? Would the manuscript benefit from amplifying any of its parts?
  • What are this manuscript’s greatest strengths?
  • Does the manuscript require further work to make it publishable, or if it is currently publishable, would certain revisions improve it?
  • What are the most important books already published on this subject, and how does this manuscript compare with them?
  • Please describe the audience for this manuscript. What kinds of courses might use this book?

The length of the peer review process may depend on, among other things, the nature and length of the project and the timeliness and availability of reviewers. If you have a question about the review process or the status of your manuscript, please contact your editor.