Introducing Our Fall 2024 Catalog

Introducing Our Fall 2024 Catalog

We are excited to announce our Fall 2024 catalog! It's full of new books that will be published between July 2024 and December 2024 and are available for preorder on our website now. 


The cover image is from Leo Strauss and the Recovery of "Natural Philosophizing", by Alberto Ghibellini. Ghibellini examines how Leo Strauss sought to recover the question of "nature," which he saw as inseparable from genuine philosophy since its inception in ancient Greece.

Here are just a few highlights.

Titles in our African American Studies list include include diasporic issues, civil rights, black churches, music, urban issues, families, blackness, racialization, film, literature, visual culture, black power movement, incarceration and prisons, slavery and its legacies, citizenship and nationalism, black youth, segregation, Afrocentrism, and Pan Africanism.

Forthcoming in September, Black Feminist Writing: A Practical Guide to Publishing Academic Books, by Stephanie Y. Evans, draws on the rich history of Black feminist writing to help scholars manage the stress of writing and publishing academic books.

SUNY Press has published on a wide range of topics in Political Science, dealing with the study of governments, public policies, systems, and political behavior. 

Forthcoming in November, Meeting the Moment: Inspiring Presidential Leadership that Transformed America, by William Haldeman, is the inspiring stories of six US presidents and the distinctive leadership characteristics that set them apart and transformed America.

Our History list covers subjects in New York history, American history, World War II, history of science, European history, world history, and literary history. 

Forthcoming in December, Writing Home: Selected World War II Letters of Leslie A. Fiedler, by Leslie A. Fiedler and edited by Samuele F. S. Pardini, offers a glimpse into a crucially formative period in the life of Leslie A. Fiedler, one of the greatest literary critics and American public intellectuals of the twentieth century.

Through our Excelsior Editions imprint, we publish general and scholarly books of history, geography, natural history, photography, architecture, cooking, wine, and travel/recreation, as well as works of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. Our aim is to showcase the diversity and abiding energy of the peoples, histories, and natural beauty of New York State.

Forthcoming in October, Woodstock: From World War to Culture Wars, by Richard Heppner, is the story of Woodstock, N.Y., over the last 100 years and how a small, rural town coped with the many challenges of changing times.

Buffalo's Waterfront Renaissance: Citizen Activists, NGOs, and the Canalside Project, by Gene Bunnell, recounts how preservationists and environmentalists ultimately succeeded in persuading a powerful state agency to abandon its plans for privately developing Buffalo’s waterfront and instead revitalize the city by enhancing opportunities for members of the public to use and enjoy that same space and will be available in September.

SUNY Press is perhaps best known for its books on Asian religions, including Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism, and Islam, as well as scholarly translations of significant works from Asian religious traditions.

Forthcoming in December, From Eternity to Eternity: Memoirs of a Korean Buddhist Nun, by Bulpil Sunim and Ttranslated by Eunsu Cho, with Soojin Oh, is the story of Bulpil Sunim, arguably the most respected female Seon (Zen) master in Korea.

The Sāṃkhya System: Accounting for the Real, edited by Christopher Key Chapple, explores the Sāṃkhya system and the delicate relationship it articulates between witness consciousness (Puruṣa) and manifest realities (Prakṛti), providing a path to freedom through knowledge and will be available in August. 

We publish on a wide range of topics in education including higher education and critical university studies, sociology of education, social studies and social justice pedagogy, international and comparative education, multilingual and multicultural education, urban and rural education, philosophy of education, arts education, and literacy studies.

Forthcoming in September, The Social Studies Curriculum, Fifth Edition: Purposes, Problems, and Possibilities, edited by E. Wayne Ross, updates the definitive overview of the issues teachers face when creating learning experiences for students in social studies. This fully updated and revised edition includes fourteen new chapters on contemporary topics such as critical race theory, decolonizing the curriculum, economics education, and children’s rights.

A pioneering work in teaching and transpersonal psychology, The Living Classroom, Second Edition: Teaching and Collective Consciousness, by Christopher M. Bache, explores the dynamics of collective consciousness in the classroom and will be available in December. 

Available in October, On Blackness, Liveliness, and What It Means to Be Human: Toward Black Specificity in Higher Education, by Wilson Kwamogi Okello, develops a theoretical and methodological focus on Blackness to rethink ideas about humanity underpinning the field of student development.

We have a number of series in literary and cultural studies, with foci on multiethnic literatures, the long nineteenth century, theory, book history, and more.

How Close Reading Made Us: The Transnational Legacies of New Criticism, by Yael Segalovitz, shows how the method of close reading traveled from the United States to Brazil and Israel, revealing its profound impact on global modernisms and reframing the lasting significance of New Criticism and will be available in September.

Our Women's and Gender studies list has a number of series that offer feminist perspectives in many of our historically important disciplinary areas of acquisitions, including philosophy, religion, and literary criticism. 

Forthcoming in August, Snapping Beans: Voices of a Black Queer Lesbian South, by Jayme N. Canty, explores the role of the South in Black queer lesbian experiences of hurting and healing.

Be sure to check out our full catalog to see all of our forthcoming fall titles!