Funding OA Projects

Because OA books at SUNY Press are held to the same standard and produced to the same quality as traditional titles, the cost to create them is also the same. But providing access to a free version makes it more difficult to cover those costs purely through revenues generated by sales to libraries and individual consumers. When appropriate, we believe it is important to pursue Open Access publishing options to allow for broad global online access. But to do so, it is necessary for us to rely on the kindness of funders such as Knowledge Unlatched, Project TOME, the NEH, campus support, and other private donors.

If you have access to potential support through your institution, research society, or another source and would be interested in having an Open Access version of your monograph or edited collection upon publication, we would be happy to provide additional information. As some of the costs associated with publication are standard across titles and some are incurred per page (copyediting, typesetting, indexing, etc.), the necessary funding is assessed on a per-project basis. 

For more information or an estimate about the costs associated with making your SUNY Press publication open access, please contact

Note: Backlist monographs and edited collections that are at least two years past their publication date can also be considered for Open Access at a reduced cost. Contact to see if your title qualifies.