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Open Access (OA) is a publishing model that makes digital versions of academic information, like books and data, freely available to readers online. Creating an OA version does not prevent publishers like SUNY Press from also offering print versions for sale, but the free digital version provides global online access to readers that might otherwise not have it.

At SUNY Press, all OA books are held to the same rigorous quality standards as everything else we publish. All of our scholarly monographs and edited collections – whether published traditionally or through Open Access - are subject to the same selection, approval, and peer review processes and receive the same levels of attention from our production and marketing departments. The big difference is in distribution. Digital versions of all SUNY Press Open Access books are made freely available online through our website and through partners such as Project MUSE, OAPEN, and others. Removing cost barriers for access to these versions greatly increases the visibility, global reach, and scholarly impact of these books. And the Creative Commons licensing options applied to OA books allow authors to control how their work is shared and used by others.

Because OA books at SUNY Press are held to the same standard and produced to the same quality as traditional titles, the cost to create them is also the same. But providing access to a free version makes it more difficult to cover those costs purely through revenues generated by sales to libraries and individual consumers. When appropriate, we believe it is important to pursue Open Access publishing options to allow for broad global online access. But to do so, it is necessary for us to rely on the kindness of funders such as Knowledge Unlatched, Project TOME, the NEH, campus support, and other private donors.

Print versions of all SUNY Press Open Access books are available for purchase on our website or through your favorite bookseller. To learn more about Open Access publishing at SUNY Press, contact Amanda Baker. If you are interested in supporting the expansion of the SUNY Press Open Access publishing program, check out our Innovation Fund.

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Moving across Differences

Explores how discussion of LGBTQ+ themes in a high-school literature course can foster ethical engagement among students.

Black Campus Life

Ethnography of Black engineering majors navigating campus life at a historically White university.

Art Activism for an Anticolonial Future

Analyzes socially engaged art practices worldwide, linking them to decolonial struggle and critique.

The White Indians of Mexican Cinema

Examines the filmic representation of Whiteness as Indigeneity and its role in mediating racial politics in Mexico.

The Other/Argentina

Argues that Jewishness is an essential element of Argentina’s self-fashioning as a modern nation.

Death Rights

Analyzes how literary representations of suicide have reinforced antiblackness in the modern world.

Boy-Wives and Female Husbands

A significant contribution to anthropology, history, and gender studies that reveals the denials of homosexuality in traditional and contemporary African societies to be rooted in colonialist ideologies.

The Big Thaw

Explores the unprecedented and rapid climate changes occurring in the Arctic environment.

The Revolution Will Not Be Theorized

Studies the revolutionary theory of the Black Power Movement in the 1960s through ʼ70s, placing it within the broader social theory of black revolution in the United States since the nineteenth century.

Reconciliation in Global Context

A transdisciplinary approach to reconciliation practices and policies by an international team of scholars and scholar-practitioners.

Race and Rurality in the Global Economy

Essays that examine globalization's effects with an emphasis on the interplay of race and rurality as it occurs across diverse geographies and peoples.


An innovative philosophical meditation on the muteness of Holocaust survivors and the human faculty of storytelling.

Fire and Snow

A broad examination of climate fantasy and science fiction, from The Lord of the Rings and the Narnia series to The Handmaid's Tale and Game of Thrones.

On Self-Translation

A fascinating collection of essays and conversations on the changing nature of language.

Affective Images

Explores intervisual case studies in relation to migration, xenophobia, and gender.

Understanding Immigration

Undergraduate-level textbook introducing students to the factors which define immigration politics in the United States and Europe.

Austerity and the Labor Movement

An overview and analysis of austerity policies and labor movement resistance in several countries.

Just War and Human Rights

Discusses how just war theory needs to be revised to better secure and respect human rights.

Slavery in the Circuit of Sugar, Second Edition

Traces the historical development of slave labor and plantation agriculture in nineteenth-century Martinique.

New Frontiers of Slavery

Essays challenging conventional understandings of the slave economy of the nineteenth century.

Human Rights Standards

A bracing critique of human rights law and activism from the perspective of the Global South.

American Politics and the Environment, Second Edition

Examines the role of politics in the environmental policy making process.

Green Voices

Essays addressing relatively unknown or unexamined speeches delivered by famous or influential environmental figures.

World Politics at the Edge of Chaos

Comprehensive overview of the inroads made by Complexity Thinking approaches and ideas in the study and practice of world politics.

Defending Women's Rights in Europe

Comparative analysis of gender equality reforms enacted in ten post-communist states who became members of the European Union.

Immigrant Protest

Explores how political activism, art, and popular culture challenge the discrimination and injustice faced by “illegal” and displaced peoples.

American Dolorologies

Offers a critical history of the role of pain, suffering, and compassion in democratic culture.

Shaping Gender Policy in Turkey

Timely analysis of the ways in which women grassroots activists, the European Union, and the Turkish state are involved in shaping gender policies in Turkey.

Two Sides of a Barricade

Investigates how activists confront global powers with their street-level dissent.

Coping with Terrorism

A comprehensive examination of multiple dimensions of terrorism