Chronicling a Crisis

SUNY Oneonta's Pandemic Diaries

Edited by Ed Beck, Darren D. Chase, Matthew C. Hendley, and Ann Traitor

Subjects: Education, New York/regional, Health And Society
Series: SUNY Press Open Access
Paperback : 9781438495309, 408 pages, November 2023
Hardcover : 9781438495316, 408 pages, November 2023

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Table of contents

Matthew C. Hendley and Ann A. Traitor

Part I. Spring 2020

1. March 2020

2. April 2020

3. May 2020

Part II. Summer 2020

4. June 2020

5. July 2020

6. August 2020

Part III. Fall 2020

7. September 2020

8. October 2020

9. November 2020

Part IV. Winter 2020–21

10. December 2020

11. January 2021

Part V. Spring 2021

12. February 2021

13. March 2021

14. April 2021

15. May–June 2021

An Archive for All: Mass Observation as the Inspiration for the Blog and Book
Matthew C. Hendley and Ann A. Traitor
From Pixels to Paper: Building Blog and Book
Ed Beck and Darren D. Chase
Darren D. Chase and Matthew C. Hendley

A primary source collection of the local impact of the COVID pandemic on a college community which both records and reflects upon the nature of daily life during a crisis.


Chronicling a Crisis is a powerful primary source collection compiled during the peak of the COVID pandemic between spring 2020 and spring 2021. This upstate New York college was the only school in the state that had to send home all its students twice due to COVID, which attracted international media attention. This book was inspired by the UK’s Mass Observation Project from the 1930s, which drew on the war-time diaries of ordinary British citizens to track the impact of World War II on their lives. With over two hundred blog entries from students, faculty, and staff—including diary reflections, poems, pictures, and thought pieces—this volume lays bare the grief, frustration, fear, resilience, and upheavals of this tumultuous period. This book will be of interest for students of New York history, American history and the digital humanities as well as general readers interested in understanding the impact of the COVID pandemic on universities and their students.

This book is freely available in an open access edition. It can be found in the SUNY Open Access Repository at

Ed Beck is Instructional Designer at SUNY Oneonta. Darren D. Chase is Library Director at SUNY Oneonta. He is the author (with Dana Haugh) of Open Praxis, Open Access: Digital Scholarship in Action. Matthew C. Hendley is Professor of History at SUNY Oneonta. He is the author of Organized Patriotism and the Crucible of War: Popular Imperialism in Britain, 1914–1932. Ann A. Traitor is Adjunct Assistant Professor of History at SUNY Oneonta.