Green OA Policy

Our Green OA policy applies only to scholarly monographs and edited collections and allows authors to share one chapter of the author’s version of their book in their institutional repository and/or their personal academic website, subject to an embargo period of 12 months from original publication.

The “author’s version” is the peer-reviewed, pre-copyedited version (generally known as a “postprint”) of the chapter, in Word or PDF format, but not the SUNY Press print proof or final PDF. When you share this version, you must credit the title of the book and the full copyright notice. Please include the ISBN for the book to make it easy for readers to cite the book chapter.

The policy does not apply to textbooks, professional books for practitioners, trade books, or works of reference, no part of which may be posted online without our prior approval.

For monographs or edited collections with multiple authors, each author or contributor may archive their own single chapter. If your college’s or university’s policy requires deposit of more than one chapter of your work in its institutional repository, please contact your acquiring editor to work out the details. (Note:, ResearchGate, and other for-profit social networking sites are not considered personal academic websites and are not covered under this policy.)