“I'm writing to thank you for the excellent job you all have done on my book. It looks great. More importantly, it was a real pleasure working with everybody at every stage of the process. Everybody did great work, responded to me quickly, and let me have my way on important questions (like the spelling of synaesthesia!). This has not always been my experience at other presses, so I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and the whole team. A heartfelt thanks, and I will be happy to turn to you for my next project!” — Susan Bernstein, author of The Other Synaesthesia 

“I wanted to express my sincere thanks for the part that each of you has played in producing and releasing my book. This is the second book of mine that SUNY Press has released, and both have looked wonderful, vastly better than others in the same field. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.”  — Cliff Stagoli, author of Transforming One’s Self: The Therapeutic Ethical Pragmatism of William James 

“Thank you very much for all your help with my book. It came in the mail today and is stunning in every way! So glad to have done another book with SUNY Press and to have had the chance to work with you.” — Mohammed Rustom, author of Inrushes of the Heart 

“We just today received our authors' copies in the mail and are beyond thrilled with the way the book turned out, both on the inside and the outside. It's truly beautiful, and we're so grateful to everyone at SUNY Press for all the work they've put in to make the book a reality.” — Jonah Corne, author of Yiddish Cinema  

“I LOVE the way the book looks: the striking cover, the font, the design, EVERYTHING. I even love the way the book smells!!  Thank you for making it possible!!” — Jeffrey Berman, author of Psychoanalysis: An Interdisciplinary Retrospective  

“Thank you for all your help during the publication process. I was very happy with the process and could not be happier about the result. Thank you again for your tremendous help during this process.” — Philippe Major, author of Confucian Iconoclasm  

“My author’s copies arrived this morning. I am most pleased with how this book turned out, and so is my wife, Joyce Recker, whose sculpture ‘Longing for the Wholly Other’ appears on the cover. We gratefully extend our shared thanks to all of you and to everyone else who has worked on the production and marketing of this book.” – Lambert Zuidervaart, author of Adorno, Heidegger, and the Politics of Truth  

“Thank you and all your colleagues at SUNY Press for bringing Progressive New York and my earlier books to life. The books look great. I’ve always felt the covers are exceptional – they stand out on a library or bookstore shelf. And the whole process is easy for authors. My editors have been great. The production staff and marketers have also been wonderful.  The process has been clear and positive at every stage.“ — Bruce W. Dearstyne, author of Progressive New York: Change and Reform in the Empire State, 1900-1920: A Reader 

“Thanks so much for informing us about the exciting news of the book’s nomination for a prestigious award. It is truly an honor and a testament to the hard work and dedication that went into creating this book. I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for your team's efforts in making this possible. Your support and belief in this work have been instrumental in getting the recognition it deserves. We feel grateful for the time, energy, and resources you have invested in promoting this book.” — Amy Huang, Publicist for Xue Mo, author of Curses of the Kingdom of Xixia  

"Got my hands on two copies of Empire Imagined today — so, so pleasing. Thank you for your support in this! It’s a handsome object. Everyone at SUNY has been a joy to work with, even when we ran into delays with the index. The text editing was first-rate." - Giselle Frances Donnelly, author of Empire Imagined

“A wholly enjoyable and efficient time working on two recent books with SUNY … where the right hand knows exactly what the left is doing (a rare thing in publishing) and both hands keep you firmly in the loop. Result: two delightfully produced books.” Kurt Gänzl, author of Gilbert and Sullivan and The Musical 

"Working with SUNY Press was a true effort in sympathetic collaboration. From the moment my manuscript on Ida Rubinstein was accepted, the staff assured me of their judicious assistance. The editorial process, necessarily, took time and patience, the editors were attentive and I always thought they were advocating for my interests, especially when it came to the photographs. All in all it was a delightful experience!" - Judith Chazin-Bennahum, author of Ida Rubinstein

“Thank you for making this entire process so smooth. From start to finish, everything was so well organized, and everyone was so pleasant to work with. I have nothing but good things to say about SUNY Press.” - David Venditto, author of Whiteness at the End of the World

"Publishing books through SUNY Press has been a very positive experience for me. I’ve published three books – The Spirit of New York: Defining Events in the Empire State’s History in 2015, a second edition in 2022, and The Crucible of Public Policy: New York Courts in the Progressive Era, 2022. I have worked with two lead editors and several design, production, editorial and promotions personnel.  Every person there has been encouraging, supportive, patient, and very helpful. They listen to authors’ ideas, review proposals carefully, help refine and shape them, and offer very useful suggestions which strengthen the books. They respond quickly to questions and requests. The books’ cover designs have been outstanding; they stand out on bookstore and library shelves. SUNY Press makes the whole process easy, smooth and enjoyable." - Bruce Dearstyne, author of The Spirit of New York and The Crucible of Public Policy

"After authoring over ten titles, I have found that every press has their own way of managing the process. From manuscript to print, SUNY Press has been the most thorough and organized of the lot. Their professional staff has provided the guideposts to make the journey safe and painless." - Bob Carlin, author of New York's Great Lost Ballparks

"Everyone on the SUNY Press team was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.  From cover design, to layout, final edits, and everything in between, they really helped polish my book as it moved toward publication.  I am thrilled with the finished product.  Thank you, SUNY Press." Gary Bohan Jr, author of Sharkey

"Consistently encouraging, clear with instructions, and responsive, SUNY Press has been the perfect partner to bring my manuscript, based on the Civil War letters of my great-great-grandfather, to publication. From initial discussions with Senior Acquisitions Editor Richard Carlin to editorial and layout deliberations with Production and Design Manager Ryan Morris to the copyediting process under the careful eyes of John Wentworth, I have felt that SUNY staff shared my vision for the book and respected my ancestor and his experiences in the Civil War. Their recommendations improved the manuscript and the peer review was beneficial in revealing a more engaging way of telling my ancestor’s story. Alicia Brady worked patiently with me on promotional text, and Aimee Harrison designed a cover that I wish I could share with my great-great-grandfather! I am delighted to be associated with such talented professionals as those working at SUNY Press." - Amy Truesdell, author of From Binghamton to the Battlefield

"I had worked with Richard Carlin on a half dozen books when he came up with the basic concept for my new book. The book concerns Bob Dylan’s early days in New York City. I have found Richard to be both enthusiastic and patient, two traits that often do not go together with editors (or writers). In the case of this book, he went the extra mile and obtained photos and maps of Greenwich Village that I would have been unlikely to have ever discovered or received permissions to use. I look forward to doing other projects with Richard. In terms of the production process, Ryan Morris always delivered materials in a timely fashion, and asked appropriate questions. Ryan's staff compiled a style sheet that probably reduced my time in developing an index by 50%. Working on the book was a very positive experience. I never felt rushed, rather the staff was intent on getting the job done in a proper way within time limits that were easy to understand." - Dick Weissman, author of Bob Dylan's New York

“I received my copies of Singing the Goddess into Place last week. It is beautiful! Thank you so much for your support through the process!!!” - Caleb Simmons, author of Singing the Goddess into Place