OA Innovation Fund

Contribute to the OA Innovation Fund

The SUNY Press OA Innovation Fund directly supports our commitment to making scholarly work more accessible.

Currently, we’re using the money raised in our innovation fund to help us expand our Open Access publishing program.

What is Open Access publishing?

Open Access is a publishing model that makes digital versions of academic information, like books and data, freely available to readers online. Creating an OA version does not prevent publishers like SUNY Press from also offering print or enhanced digital versions for sale, but the free version provides global online access to readers that might otherwise not have it.

What are the benefits of Open Access?

Books can only be as influential as the audiences they reach, and providing an OA version invites participation from a variety of new readers. Open Access titles can be read, reviewed, shared, and cited immediately – without the reader buying a copy for themselves or waiting for their local library to make a purchase. That level of access – and the new networks and citations it creates – invites new conversations and expand a title’s potential impact.

So why do we need your help?

Creating an Open Access book involves all of the same peer review and production expenses as any other title, but providing access to the free version makes it harder for publishers to cover those costs purely through sales. SUNY Press regularly pursues funding opportunities for supporting OA titles, but the grants in our core subject areas are quite competitive. Unfortunately, not all the titles we submit for grant consideration are selected.

Help us open the rest! Browse the titles already supported in our Open Access program here. Your contribution to the OA Innovation Fund will help us share even more of our scholarly work. If there are other funding opportunities or specific titles we should consider, please contact Marlene.pratt@sunypress.edu.