Open Access

At SUNY Press, all Open Access titles are held to the same rigorous quality standards that we’ve followed for all of the scholarly books and journals we've published over the past 55 years. Every Open Access monograph or edited collection is subject to the same selection, approval, and peer review process, and receives the same level of attention from our production and marketing departments. The big difference is in distribution. Digital versions of all SUNY Press Open Access books are made freely available online through our website and through partners such as Project MUSE, OAPEN, and others. Removing cost barriers for access to these digital versions greatly increases the visibility, global reach, and scholarly impact of these books. And the Creative Commons licensing options applied to Open Access books allow authors to control how their work is shared and used by others.

Because Open Access titles at SUNY Press are held to the same standard and produced to the same quality as traditional titles, the cost to create them is also the same. But providing access to a free version makes it more difficult to cover those costs purely from revenues generated by sales. Because we believe it is important to pursue these options for greater accessibility, the funding for our Open Access titles relies on the kindness of funders such as Knowledge Unlatched, Project TOME, the NEH, campus support, and other private donors.

Print versions of all SUNY Press Open Access books are available for purchase on our website or through your favorite bookseller. To learn more about Open Access publishing at SUNY Press, contact If you are interested in supporting the expansion of the SUNY Press Open Access publishing program, check out our OA Innovation Fund.