SUNY Press Website Accounts

There are two types of website accounts: Customer and Author.

  1. The Customer account features the ability to view your order history, enter multiple shipping addresses, view coupons, and more. It is not necessary for shoppers to establish a customer account to make purchases on the site, but it does offer convenient features for those who do.
  2. The Author account is designed for persons who have authored, edited or contributed to titles published by the Press. Establishing an author account is required for all such individuals who wish to receive their gratis copy of titles for which they are affiliated as well as to receive discounts on SUNY Press purchases.

To create a Customer account:

1. Click on the Sign In button at the top right of the homepage.

Sign in image screen capture

2. Enter your email address and press Create an account.

Create Account screen capture

3. Fill out the required fields and press Register.

Personal Info screen capture

4. Add an address, personal information (where you can change your password), view your coupons, etc.

Your account screen capture

To create an Author/Editor/Contributor account:

1. Register your account using the Author account portal.

2. Fill out all required fields and press register.

Autor account screen capture

3. Your account registration will be reviewed by SUNY staff and an approval email will be sent to the address used to register the account (as in the example below):

From: <>

Date: Fri, Jan 28, 2022, 15:14

Subject: Your SUNY Press author account has been approved

To: <>

Your SUNY Press author account has been approved. You may now log in to our site, using the username and password you provided on your registration.

4. Once you have received your email, you may use the login link provided to login to your account. Note: If you subsequently use the Sign In button at the top right of the home page, you will receive an authentication error. The login link for author accounts will be listed in the text above it.

If you encounter any obstacles not addressed above, please contact customer service via email.

To make a purchase using you Author discount:

1. Sign into your account using the author portal.

2. At the bottom of your account page is your discount code.

author code

3. Apply this code in the shopping cart at checkout. Select Instant checkout (you will receive an authentication error if you try to sign in again), fill in the required information, choose your shipping preference, and enter your credit card information.

shopping cart

4. If you encounter any obstacles, please contact customer service.