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Noteworthy Women of Oswego County, New York

Uncovers the significant social, literary, and political contributions of thirty-one notable women of Oswego County, New York.

Celestial Signs and Classical Rhetoric in Early Imperial China

Considers how sign-reading fit into broader understandings of the human and cosmic worlds in Han times.

Muḥammad’s Ascension in Muslim Spain

A survey of the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian debates and mystical discussions about Muhammad’s heavenly journey that took place in early medieval Spain.

Revolutionary Legacies

Thinks with a range of extraordinary Jewish women about how to live vibrant lives and resist the settler colonialism at the heart of the modern project of freedom.

China's Belt and Road Power Transition

Details the Belt and Road global infrastructure development initiative as the most important instrument for China’s leadership under Xi Jinping to create an alternative global economic and geopolitical order to challenge the United States.

Cultural Legacies of Slavery in Modern Spain

The first book-length study to address the impact of the legacies of slavery on Spanish cultural representations and institutions.

Axis of Resistance

An in-depth analysis of the primary conflicts animating the contemporary struggle over the regional order of the Middle East.

Music at World's End

A fascinating story of how three musicians, who escaped the Nazis, inspired Iceland’s modern classical music.

Songs and Sounds of the Anti-Rent Movement in Upstate New York

Includes 22 new settings of period tunes, and examines the expressive culture of the largest antebellum tenant farmer protest from its origin to its 21st-century reverberations.

The Celluloid Atlantic

Offers a fresh look at American and Italian cinema in the postwar period.

Gadamer on Art and Aesthetic Experience

Original essays on Hans-Georg Gadamer's hermeneutical aesthetics and philosophy of art, written by some of the most important authors in this field, disclosing the possibility of a renewed understanding of Gadamer's thinking in the context of current aesthetic debates.

Overhearing Film Music

Three generations of famous movie soundtrack composers reveal the secrets of their art and success.

Return to the Eternal Abode

Thought-provoking, comprehensive, and interdisciplinary conversations on Sufism with one of the world’s foremost scholars of Islamic, religion, and comparative studies.

Disrupting Political Science

Nineteen Black women in political science share their personal and professional journeys, shedding light on the state of the discipline—and how it needs to change.

From Eternity to Eternity

By Bulpil Sunim
Translated by Eunsu Cho
Introduction by Eunsu Cho
With Soojin Oh
Subjects: Religion And Spirituality

A vivid, firsthand account of life as a Buddhist nun, by the most respected female Zen master in Korea.

The Living Classroom, Second Edition

A paradigm-breaking exploration of how collective intelligence functions in groups, with practical guidelines for teachers.

Perversions of the Market

An engaging analysis of the catastrophic ways capital perverts market dynamics by a leading scholar of Deleuze.

Writing Home

Letters written by Leslie Fiedler to his wife Margaret from May 1944 to December 1945 while he was stationed in Hawaiʻi and various parts of the Pacific Theater as an intelligence officer during World War II.

An Eye for Hitchcock

A series of fascinating and groundbreaking meditations on six films directed by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock.

Hindi Hindu Histories

Explores how four public intellectuals in North India imagined freedom and Hindi-Hindu nationhood through their writings on caste, Ayurveda, travel, and communism.

Islamic Philosophy and the Crisis of Modernity

Unveils the profound influence of medieval Islamic philosophy on the thought of Leo Strauss.

Expanding Cinemas

Explores experimental cinema and alternative film formats from across the Luso-Hispanic Atlantic, from the 1960s to the present.

Brazilian Science Fiction Film

The first book-length account of Brazilian science fiction cinema.

Politics and Government in Israel, Fourth Edition

Offers coverage of Israeli politics and government using an institutional and behavioral perspective, covering the context for the operation of politics, the machinery of government, and the foreign policy setting within which the government operates.

Systems from Hell

Examines how contemporary novels document and define social problems using a variety of narrative techniques to focus attention on systemic failure.