Noteworthy Women of Oswego County, New York

By Natalie Joy Woodall

Subjects: New York/regional, Women's Studies, American History
Series: Excelsior Editions
Imprint: Excelsior Editions
Paperback : 9798855800395, 336 pages, January 2025
Expected to ship: 2025-01-01

Uncovers the significant social, literary, and political contributions of thirty-one notable women of Oswego County, New York.


When called upon to name a noteworthy woman who lived in Oswego County, New York, most people would respond with Dr. Mary Walker, Elmina Spencer, or Malvina Guimaraes. And they would be correct: these three women played a prominent role in the county's nineteenth century history. Yet, they were not the only ones. Many others whose names are less well known accomplished much within the legal and cultural constraints of contemporary society, including writer Julia McNair Wright, artist Mary Austen Oliver, and playwright Lottie Blair Parker. Whether fighting to end slavery or for the right to vote, running for political office, or seeking reforms in women's place in society, the thirty-one women detailed in this book made a lasting impact in Oswego County and their country. Today's professional women, lawyers, doctors, judges, professors, and bankers stand on the shoulders of these pioneering foremothers who refused to let prevailing societal norms stifle their creativity and ambition.

Natalie Joy Woodall is the author of many books, including Oswego County and the Civil War: They Answered the Call; Men of the 110th Regiment: Oswego's Own; Of Blood and Battles: Oswego's 147th Regiment; and Notable Civil War Veterans of Oswego County, New York, also published by SUNY Press. She lives in Oswego, New York.


"I could hardly put Noteworthy Women of Oswego County, New York down. In the book, Natalie Joy Woodall mentions the more well-known women of the county but concentrates on the women deserving of recognition for whom there is little, or nothing written. She did the thorough research that we in the history community have come to expect from her work. As with all of her previous books this will have a permanent home among my most trusted resources." — Debra Allen, Oswego County Historian

"Natalie Woodall's satisfyingly detailed biographies of remarkable women previously overlooked in Oswego County's past is a compelling read. Why have we never heard of these women? Their stories were often obscured because their work was attached to the men in their lives. In some cases, the author had a hard time even finding their Christian names; they were only 'Mrs. So-and-So.' The accomplishments of these amazing women are very powerful. Once you've met them, you will never forget them!" — Mary Kay Stone, President, Oswego County Historical Society