Notable Civil War Veterans of Oswego County, New York

By Natalie Joy Woodall

Subjects: New York/regional, American History, General Interest
Series: Excelsior Editions
Imprint: Excelsior Editions
Hardcover : 9781438489674, 302 pages, October 2022
Paperback : 9781438489667, 302 pages, October 2022

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1. Oswego County, Slavery, and the Civil War

2. Notable Civil War Veterans of Oswego County
John Barclay Alexander
Samuel B. Alger
James Barnes
Levi Bird
John H. Brockman
DeWitt Clinton Carpenter
Edward Austin Cooke
Dr. Samuel James Crockett
Freeman Henry Cross
Reverend Horace Melvin Danforth
Thomas DeWitt Deans
James Doyle
Gilbert C. Dutcher
William Dewey Ferguson
Delos Gary
Joseph M. Gould
Andrew J. Hirschbolz
Edwin Lester Huntington
Albert Lindley Lee
James H. Lee
Lucius V. S. Mattison
James A. McKinley
Daniel McSweeney
Oliver Burrill Mowry
Lawson Read Muzzy
Samuel Merwin Olmstead
Smith Parke
Francis M. Pease
Peter Pitcher
William C. Raulston
Dr. Lawrence Reynolds
Daniel Falley Schenck
Elmina Pleiades Keeler Spencer
Francis W. Squires
Dr. James K. Stockwell
John Wilson Sykes
William A. Tillapaugh
Edmund Underwood
Dr. Mary Edwards Walker
Granville Sharp Woodall


Recounts the compelling stories of Civil War soldiers and sailors who lived in Oswego County, New York.


Of the 400,000 men from New York State called to duty in the Union armed forces during the Civil War, approximately 12,000 or 75 percent of the voting population, called Oswego County home. Veterans from other states or Canada later settled in Oswego County and made the place their home as well. This book tells the stories of thirty-seven of these soldiers. Some were chosen for their post-war activities, whether it was volunteerism, politics, or profession. Others were selected to demonstrate the high cost of war for survivors who returned to civilian life. Still others, who had re-enlisted for a second tour of duty, made the ultimate sacrifice, leading to far-reaching consequences for those they left behind. Along with the men who served, this book also tells the story of the women who supported them and who were involved in supporting the Union cause. Author Natalie Joy Woodall has conducted extensive research to uncover many previously unknown stories of many of these brave men and gives the precise location for each gravesite.

Natalie Joy Woodall is the author of several books, including Oswego County and the Civil War: They Answered the Call; Men of the 110th Regiment: Oswego's Own; and Of Blood and Battles: Oswego's 147th Regiment.


"Meticulously researched and detailed with fascinating tidbits of their personal lives both before and after the war, it is a compelling read for those who want to fill gaps in their Oswego County historical knowledge … This is an excellent resource, scholarly, with citations for every fact and quotation. While satisfying a reader's need for historic data and for compelling stories, it is also a great read." — Oswego County News Now