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Noteworthy Women of Oswego County, New York

Uncovers the significant social, literary, and political contributions of thirty-one notable women of Oswego County, New York.

Celestial Signs and Classical Rhetoric in Early Imperial China

Considers how sign-reading fit into broader understandings of the human and cosmic worlds in Han times.

Muḥammad’s Ascension in Muslim Spain

A survey of the Muslim, Jewish, and Christian debates and mystical discussions about Muhammad’s heavenly journey that took place in early medieval Spain.

China's Belt and Road Power Transition

Details the Belt and Road global infrastructure development initiative as the most important instrument for China’s leadership under Xi Jinping to create an alternative global economic and geopolitical order to challenge the United States.

Axis of Resistance

An in-depth analysis of the primary conflicts animating the contemporary struggle over the regional order of the Middle East.

Music at World's End

A fascinating story of how three musicians, who escaped the Nazis, inspired Iceland’s modern classical music.

Songs and Sounds of the Anti-Rent Movement in Upstate New York

Includes 22 new settings of period tunes, and examines the expressive culture of the largest antebellum tenant farmer protest from its origin to its 21st-century reverberations.

The Celluloid Atlantic

Offers a fresh look at American and Italian cinema in the postwar period.

Writing Home

Letters written by Leslie Fiedler to his wife Margaret from May 1944 to December 1945 while he was stationed in Hawaiʻi and various parts of the Pacific Theater as an intelligence officer during World War II.

Islamic Philosophy and the Crisis of Modernity

Unveils the profound influence of medieval Islamic philosophy on the thought of Leo Strauss.

Brazilian Science Fiction Film

The first book-length account of Brazilian science fiction cinema.

Laughing on the Brink of Humanity

Stretching from antiquity to AI, a provocative study of the joyless laughter that emerges at the boundary of the human and the inhuman.

Reimagining Europe

Essays addressing, from various angles, the relationship between Europe and philosophy in today’s crisis-ridden contexts such as xenophobia and migration.

Meeting the Moment

Inspiring stories of six US presidents and the distinctive leadership characteristics that set them apart and transformed America.

A Farm Family on Long Island's North Fork

Life, love, and scandal in a nineteenth-century Long Island farm community.


By Amr Kamal
Subjects: Literature

A comparative study of iconographic and fictional representations of department stores in France and Egypt, as sites of imperial and Mediterranean cultural memory, from 1859 to the present.

Progressive New York

The exciting story of New York in the progressive era told by the reformers and visionaries who shaped its history,

Narrative Devices in the Shiji

Provides a new model for reading the Shiji and other early Chinese historical texts.

Growing Strong, Growing Apart

Explores the role of democracy in NATO expansion decisions throughout the organizations history and looking forward into the future.

The Redskins

Cooper's 1846 novel about the Anti-Rent Wars in upstate New York, now available in a scholarly edition.

Novel Pedagogy

Explores Victorian writers’ conception of the novel’s potential to become serious knowledge and differentiate itself from other educational genres.


The story of Woodstock, N.Y., over the last 100 years and how a small, rural town coped with the many challenges of changing times.

Affective Betrayal

Seeks to introduce an "affective turn" to the study of China's political modernization process.

Buffalo's Waterfront Renaissance

Recounts how preservationists and environmentalists ultimately succeeded in persuading a powerful state agency to abandon its plans for privately developing Buffalo’s waterfront and instead revitalize the city by enhancing opportunities for members of the public to use and enjoy that same space.

Ruling Devotion

Combines historical, literary, art historical, and archaeological perspectives to explore the idea of the Hindu temple in the British colonial imagination.