Politics and Government in Israel, Fourth Edition

By Gregory S. Mahler & Reuven Y. Hazan

Subjects: Israel Studies, Political Behavior, Politics, Law, Middle East Politics
Paperback : 9798855800333, 512 pages, December 2024
Hardcover : 9798855800340, 512 pages, December 2024
Expected to ship: 2024-12-01
Expected to ship: 2024-12-01

Offers coverage of Israeli politics and government using an institutional and behavioral perspective, covering the context for the operation of politics, the machinery of government, and the foreign policy setting within which the government operates.


This balanced and comprehensive text explores Israeli government and politics from both institutional and behavioral perspectives. After briefly discussing Israel's history, authors Gregory S. Mahler and Reuven Y. Hazan examine the social, religious, economic, cultural, and military contexts within which Israeli politics takes place. They explain the operation of political institutions and behavior in domestic politics, such as the constitutional system; parliamentary government; and the executive, legislative, and judicial machinery of government, including discussion of elections and voting, political parties and civil society, and democracy in Israel. Finally, Israel's foreign policy setting and apparatus are considered, as well as the challenges faced by the Palestinians in Israel and the peace process between Israel and its neighbors. Clear and concise, Government and Politics in Israel provides an invaluable starting point for all readers needing a cogent introduction to Israel today.

Gregory S. Mahler is Academic Dean Emeritus and Research Professor of Politics at Earlham College. Reuven Y. Hazan is Chair in Israeli Democracy and Politics and Professor of Political Science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


"Government and Politics of Israel, Fourth Edition offers the best textbook that I am aware of in the field of Israeli government and politics. I have used the previous edition of the text for several years with success; my students appreciated the information, the depth, and the logic of the sequence in which the material is presented. From the instructor's perspective, it is a very 'teachable' textbook and nothing compares to it in the current marketplace." — Csaba Nikolenyi, author of Party Switching in Israel: A Historical and Comparative Analysis