MPSA 2024 Preview

MPSA 2024 Preview

Titles to Be on the Look Out for at this Year's Annual Meeting!

By Michelle Alamillo Date: April 02, 2024 Tags: New Books, New in Paper, Book Exhibit, MPSA, Politics and Law, Political Science

SUNY Press will be exhibiting at the Midwest Political Science Association annual meeting in Chicago, IL, April 4-7, 2024, one of the largest political science conferences in the discipline with over 1,000 panels, a large exhibit hall, and a variety of networking and professional development activities. Come visit us in booth 206 to browse our books!

Attending the conference virtually or perhaps can’t make it? Check out our virtual book exhibit here for the same great books and conference discount.

Panels Happening at the Conference:

Thursday, April 4th 

9:45 am -  Ian G. Anson, author of Following the Ticker: The Political Origins and Consequences of Stock Market Perceptions, "The Politics of Labor Unions"

11:30 am - Sherrow O. Pinder, author of Michael Jackson and the Quandary of a Black Identity, "American Politics in Literature, Film, and Pop Culture"

1:15 pm - Alberto Ghibellini, author of Leo Strauss and the Recovery of "Natural Philosophizing" (forthcoming July 2024), "Revisiting Thomas Hobbes: a Hobbesian Approach to Contemporary Problems"

1:15 pm - Richard M. Yon, author of Emerging from the Shadows: Vice Presidential Influence in the Modern Era, "Presidential Unilateral Action"

Saturday, April 6th 

4:45 pm - Chapman Rackaway, co-author (with Joseph Romance) of Primary Elections and American Politics: The Unintended Consequences of Progressive Era Reform, "What Time Is It? The Current American Presidency in Political Time"

Sunday, April 7th

8:00 am - Luke Fowler, author of Democratic Policy Implementation in an Ambiguous World, "Energy Politics: Lessons from the US and Europe"

New Books to Look for at the Booth:

Aristotle's Quarrel with Socrates: Friendship in Political Thought, by John Boersma, makes the case that the different stances Aristotle and Socrates take toward politics can be traced to their divergent accounts of friendship..

Imagining the American Polity, Second Edition: Political Science and the Discourse of Democracy, by John G. Gunnell, traces the history of the concept of democracy in the United States.. 

The Republican Hero: From Homer to Batman, by Michael Lusztig, explores the question of whether heroes matter in the modern republic.

Frustrated Nationalism: Nationalism and National Identity in the Twenty-First Century, edited by Gregory S. Mahler, offers case studies by an international collection of scholars who describe the efforts of many of those groups to achieve sovereign status, or at least to obtain greater control over the policies that affect them, their strategies, and their outcomes.

Growing Strong, Growing Apart: The Erosion of Democracy as a Core Pillar of NATO Enlargement, 1949–2023, by Eyal Rubinson, explores the role of democracy in NATO expansion decisions throughout the organizations history and looking forward into the future.

Portraits of Public Service: Untold Stories from the Front Lines, edited by Staci M. Zavattaro, Jessica E. Sowa, Alexander C. Henderson, and Lauren Hamilton Edwards, reveals the often-untold stories of front-line public servants.

New in Paperback:

Cybersecurity Governance in Latin America: States, Threats, and Alliances, by Carlos Solar, explores the effects of the cyber revolution for security in the Americas.

We hope to see you in Chicago!