New This Month in Education - July 2024

New This Month in Education - July 2024

New in education this month is Education among Indigenous Palestinians in Israel: Inequality, Cultural Hegemony, and Social Change, by Majid Al-Haj, is an expansive, in-depth analysis of education among indigenous Palestinians in Israel over seven decades.

"This book is the most comprehensive study of Palestinian Arab education in Israel. Al-Haj brilliantly uses education as a case study to illustrate the relationship between the Arab minority and the Jewish majority in Israel, with reflections on the broader Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is a must-read for everyone who is interested in Palestine and Israel and in national minority education." — Yitzhak Reiter, author of Contested Holy Places in Israel–Palestine: Sharing and Conflict Resolution

We also have two education titles that are new in paperback this July! 

A Thousand Worries: Black Women Mothering Autistic Sons, by Jeannine E. Dingus-Eason, is a deeply engaging study of how fourteen Black mothers—including the author—support and advocate for their autistic sons.

"Dingus-Eason deftly captures Black mothers' savvy, resilience, agency, protectiveness, wisdom, and critiques in the face of systemic inequities. The book offers both a nuanced, strength-based view of Black families and a holistic portrait of the social service, health, education, and law enforcement sectors. Accessible, poignant, and compelling, it will appeal to scholars from multiple disciplines and Black families caring for children with autism." — Camille M. Wilson, coeditor of Advancing Equity and Achievement in America’s Diverse Schools: Inclusive Theories, Policies, and Practices

Reframing Diversity and Inclusive Leadership: Race, Gender, and Institutional Change, by Seth N. Asumah & Mechthild Nagel, shows how authentic diversity and inclusive leadership practices can promote anti-racist, equitable, and transformational change in institutions of higher learning in the United States and beyond.

"As America and the rest of the world struggle with white supremacist and autocratic leaders, higher education should be in the forefront to present models of education to combat this trend. Asumah and Nagel offer a 'blueprint for change.' We must go beyond our comfort zone and our sense of 'us' and 'them' to dismantle systemic racism and embrace models of diversity that exemplify integrity, civility, ethics, civic virtue, dependability, and trustworthiness." — from the foreword by Elizabeth Davis-Russell

Happy reading and come back and see what's new next month!