Addiction Recovery and Resilience

Faith-based Health Services in an African American Community

By Townsand Price-Spratlen

Subjects: African American Studies, Sociology Of Organization, Criminology, Cultural Studies, General Interest
Series: SUNY series in African American Studies
Hardcover : 9781438487373, 278 pages, February 2022
Paperback : 9781438487380, 278 pages, August 2022

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Table of contents


Introduction: A Place for Health and Resilience

Part I: Hope: Resilient People, Places, and Things

1. "We, Who Would Otherwise Not Meet": The People of the Ministries

2. Much More than Watermelon Roadkill: The Place of the Ministries

3. Healthy Things: Resilience Resources of the Ministries

Part II: Hurt: Dissonant Dialogues of Resilience

4. Uncertain Sanctuary: The Ministries' Collaboration with Cocaine Anonymous

5. Silence in Our Midst: (In)Visibility and Voice at the Ministries

6. Change Gon' Come: The Flourishing and Decline of the Ministries

Part III: Hallelujah! How Healing Happens

7. Faith-Based Best Practices: How a Fractured Ministries Can Heal


Analyzes the tensions and triumphs of a unique, faith-based, addiction recovery organization in a high poverty neighborhood.


We live in an era of substance misuse colliding with public health shortcomings. Consequences of mass incarceration and other racial disparities of the "drug war" are felt acutely in the neighborhoods and communities least equipped to deal with them. More than 600,000 people are released from US prisons each year; nearly two-thirds of returning citizens have a substance use disorder (SUD) and have limited access to treatment. Even among the general public, only one in ten people with SUD receive any type of specialty treatment. Community organizations make important contributions to improve access and help to heal these societal fractures. Using a social ecology of resilience model, Addiction Recovery and Resilience is a yearslong ethnographic case study of a faith-based health organization with a focus on long-term recovery. It explores the organization's triumphs and missteps as it has worked to respond to the opioid crisis and improve the health of affiliates and the neighborhood for nearly twenty years. Addiction Recovery and Resilience concludes with best practices for individual, organizational, and community health and public policy at a time when nontraditional health care providers are increasingly important.

Townsand Price-Spratlen is Associate Professor of Sociology at the Ohio State University. He is the author of Nurturing Sanctuary: Community Capacity Building in African American Churches and Reconstructing Rage: Transformative Reentry in the Era of Mass Incarceration.


"Addiction Recovery and Resilience paints a vivid picture of the inequalities and systemic oppression that places some at greater risk for suffering in the form of addiction and how even within these same constraints healing occurs and recovery is possible." — Ann M. Chenney, University of California, Riverside