The Collected Papers of Joseph Owens

By Joseph Owens
Edited by John R. Catan

Subjects: Philosophy
Paperback : 9780873955355, 264 pages, June 1981
Hardcover : 9780873955348, 264 pages, June 1981

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Table of contents

Foreword by Joseph Owens C.Ss.R

Editor's Preface

1. Aristotle Teacher of Those Who Know

2. Aristotle on Categories

3. The Aristotelian Conception of the Sciences

4. Matter and Predication in Aristotle

5. The Grounds of Universality in Aristotle

6. The Universality of the Sensible in the Aristotelian Noetic

7. Aristotle—Cognition a Way of Being

8. Aristotelian Soul as Cognitive of Sensibles, Intelligibles and Self

9. A Note on Aristotle, De Anima 3.4.429b9

10. Aristotle's Definition of Soul

11. The Aristotelian Argument for the Material Principle of Bodies

12. The Teleology of Nature in Aristotle

13. The Grounds of Ethical Universality in Aristotle

14. Nature and Ethical Norm in Aristotle

15. Aristotelian Ethics, Medicine, and the Changing Nature of Man

Notes to the Text

Complete Bibliography of Joseph Owens C.Ss.R

Short Biography of Joseph Owens C.Ss.R.

Index of Persons

Index of Texts Cited


"Great philosophers as well as great artists have the gift of inspiring profoundly different conceptions and meaning in the individuals who contemplate their work," writes Joseph Owens. Even now, twenty-three centuries after the philosopher's death, the study of Aristotle continues to challenge us and to broaden our intellectual outlook.

In this volume, John R. Catan has gathered together 18 major essays by the well-known aristotelian scholar Joseph Owens that have influenced current opinion on the philosopher. The collection represents the first well-rounded picture of Owens's interpretation of the theory of knowledge and associated cognitive problems in moral philosophy. Among the themes highlighted are: universality, cognition, matter and predication, the sciences, the soul, and nature. Included is a complete Owens bibliography, covering the years from 1946 to the present.

Joseph Owens, C.Ss.R., M.S.D., Professor Emeritus of the University of Toronto and Emeritus Fellow of the Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies, is a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and a member of the Catholic Commission on Intellectual and Cultural Affairs. An Editorial Board member of several philosophic journals, he was formerly President of the American Catholic Philosophical Association, the Metaphysical Society of America, and the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy. John R. Catan, Professor of Philosophy at the State University of New York, Brockport, is a former student of Joseph Owens. Dr. Catan also edited St. Thomas Aquinas on the Existence of God: The Collected Papers of Joseph Owens (SUNY Press, 1980) and edited and translated The Concept of First Philosophy and the Unity of the Metaphysics of Aristotle by Giovanni Reale (SUNY Press, 1979).