Back in the Game

Political Party Campaigning in an Era of Reform

By Brian J. Brox

Subjects: Electoral Politics, Political Parties, Political Science, Politics
Paperback : 9781438446080, 200 pages, January 2014
Hardcover : 9781438446073, 200 pages, April 2013

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Table of contents

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1. The Parties Strike Back
2. What We Know – and Don’t Know – About Party Campaigning
3. The Money Shuffle
4. Donating Money in All the Right Places
5. A Complex Game
6. Going It Alone
7. The Parties as Partners Era
Appendix: Summary of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act and Related Supreme Court Decisions

Chronicles changes in American political party behavior between 1996 and 2008.


The years from 1996 to 2008 mark an important watershed in American politics. During this period changes in the political, demographic, regulatory, and technological landscape created an opportunity for political parties to increase their relevance in the electoral system. In Back in the Game, Brian J. Brox argues that while political parties still provide services to candidates, as they did in the 1970s and 1980s, they have now become influential and independent campaigners in their own right. In addition to providing services, parties now work with candidates as true partners, and increasingly parties act independently of their candidates to pursue collective party goals. Drawing on sources such as interviews with top party staffers and Federal Election Commission data, Brox carefully reveals how modern parties choose among races in an effort to allocate resources in a way that satisfies individual candidates, while simultaneously advancing broader party goals.

Brian J. Brox is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Tulane University.