Black Feminist Voices in Politics

By Evelyn M. Simien

Subjects: African American Studies
Paperback : 9780791467909, 206 pages, July 2006
Hardcover : 9780791467893, 206 pages, July 2006

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Table of contents


1. Charting a Course for Black Women’s Studies in Political Science

2. From Margin to Center: African American Women and Black Feminist Theory

3. Race Trumps Gender or Vice Versa? Cross Pressures and Deliberate Choices

4. Black Feminist Consciousness and Its Determinants: Factors Rooted in Experience

5. Black Feminist Consciousness, Race Consciousness, and Black Political Behavior

6. The Future of Feminist Scholarship and Black Politics Research

Epilogue: Stablility and Change in Attitudes toward Black Feminism

Appendix A: Black Feminist Consciouness
Appendix B: Determinants of Black Feminist Consciousness
Appendix C: Race Consciousness
Appendix D: Political Behavior


Studies black feminist approaches to political science and African American women as political actors.


In Black Feminist Voices in Politics, Evelyn M. Simien charts a course for black women's studies in political science. Examining the simultaneous effects of race and gender on political behavior, Simien uses a national telephone survey sample of the adult African American population to discover the extent to which black women and men support black feminist tenets. At the heart of this book are answers to such questions as: How does the absence of black feminist voices impair our understanding of group consciousness? What factors make individuals more or less likely to adopt black feminist views? Are men just as likely as women to support black feminist tenets? Simien analyzes the survey data, responds to limitations of existing research, and addresses critical questions that many black academics, intellectuals, and activists have devoted significant energy to debating without much empirical evidence.

Evelyn M. Simien is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Connecticut.