Civilian Control of the Military

Theory and Cases from Developing Countries

Edited by Claude E. Welch Jr.

Subjects: Politics
Paperback : 9781438450629, 337 pages, June 1976
Hardcover : 9780873953481, 337 pages, June 1976

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Table of contents


Civilian Control of the Military: Myth and Reality
By Claude E. Welch, Jr.

Civilian Control of the Military in India
By Stephen P. Cohen

Civilian Control of the Military: Implications in the Plural Societies of Guyana and Malaysia
By Cynthia H. Enloe

The Bases of Civilian Control of the Military in the Philippines
By Sherwood D. Goldberg

The Dynamics of Party-Military Relations in China
By Parris H. Chang

Civilian Control of the Military in Japan
By James H. Buck

The Development of Governmental Control Over the Armed Forces of Finland
By William J. Stover

Civilian Control and the Mexican Military: Changing Patterns of Political Influence
By Franklin D. Margiotta

Civilian Control of the Military in Lebanon: A Legislative Perspective
By Abdo I. Baaklini

Background to a Coup: Civil-Military Relations in Twentieth-Century Chile and the Overthrow of Salvador Allende
By Albert L. Michaels

Two Strategies of Civilian Control: Some Concluding Observations
By Claude E. Welch, Jr.



"In this book, the contributors look at the issue of civilian control of the military from a comparative viewpoint. They examine several countries where the civilian government appears to be in control of the military, looking for some underlying principles which allowed that control to develop. The countries examined are India, Guyana, Malaysia, the Philippines, China, Japan, Finland, Mexico, Lebanon and Chile. Welch provides introductory and closing essays that establish a framework for discussion. The thrust of the book is to tell not why civilian regimes fail, but why some succeed. " — Military Review

"A remarkably cohesive book. The style is straightforward and the material well presented. " — Air University Review

"A solid work. " — Perspective