Cultures of Arab Schooling

Critical Ethnographies from Egypt

Edited by Linda Herrera & Carlos Alberto Torres

Subjects: Arab Civilization
Paperback : 9780791469026, 220 pages, October 2006
Hardcover : 9780791469019, 220 pages, October 2006

Table of contents


Introduction: Possibilities for Critical Education in the Arab World
Linda Herrera and Carlos Alberto Torres

1. Islamization and Education: Between Politics, Profit, and Pluralism
Linda Herrera

2. The Production and Reproduction of Culture in Egyptian Schools
Kamal Naguib

3. Subsistence Education: Schooling in a Context of Urban Poverty
Ahmed Youssof Saad

4. A Great Vocation, a Modest Profession: Teachers’ Paths and Practices
Iman Farag

5. What are Teachers Transmitting? Pedagogic Culture in Rural Egypt
Fadia Maugith

6. The Colors of Change: Participation and Praxis in Egyptian Education
Linda Herrera

Conclusion: The Struggle for Democratic Education in the Arab World
Carlos Alberto Torres


Offers a rare glimpse into schools in contemporary Egypt.


Little is known regarding the inner workings of the educational systems of most Arab countries. Cultures of Arab Schooling fills this void using critical social theory to offer a rare glimpse into schools in contemporary Egypt. Giving voice to the educators and students through personal testimonies, the book sheds new light on issues of educational quality, the impact of social movements—particularly Islamist—on school cultures, the growing cultures of resistance to authoritarianism, and the gap between official policies and the realities of schooling. In a political climate that demonstrates increasing change in the Arab world, this critical ethnography of Arab education will aid in providing a better understanding of issues relating to social justice, participation, and democracy in this part of the world.

Linda Herrera is Senior Lecturer in Development Studies at the Institute of Social Studies in The Hague. Carlos Alberto Torres is Professor of Social Sciences and Comparative Education at the University of California at Los Angeles. His many books include Social Theory and Education: A Critique of Theories of Social and Cultural Reproduction (coauthored with Raymond Allen Morrow), also published by SUNY Press.