Determinate Sentencing

The Promise and the Reality of Retributive Justice

By Pamala L. Griset

Subjects: Criminology
Series: SUNY series in Critical Issues in Criminal Justice
Paperback : 9780791405352, 237 pages, July 1991
Hardcover : 9780791405345, 237 pages, July 1991

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Table of contents

One: Introduction

Two: Purpose and Power: A Historical Link

Three: The Birth of the Determinate Ideal

Four: The National Movement for Determinate Sentencing

Five: The Attack on the Rehabilitative Regime in New York

Six: New York Embraces the Determinate Ideal

Seven: Sentencing Guidelines New York Style

Eight: The Fall of the Determinate Ideal

Nine: Conclusion: The Rhetoric and the Reality

Appendix I: Public Hearings on Determinate Sentencing

Appendix II: Interviews

Appendix III: Chapter 711 of the Laws of 1983





This book discusses in depth the rise and fall of the determinate ideal, once heralded as a replacement to the old order of criminal justice. Using new materials and combining political, empirical, and theoretical perspectives, Griset examines the attempt in New York State to establish determinate sentencing — "punishment for its own sake" — to replace the existing policy of rehabilitation. In portraying New York's experience against the backdrop of a national reform agenda, she analyzes the development and ultimate failure of a major social movement.

Pamala L. Griset is Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services in Albany.