Difficult Dialogues about Twenty-First-Century Girls

Edited by Donna Marie Johnson & Alice E. Ginsberg

Subjects: Women's Studies, Gender Studies, Education
Paperback : 9781438455983, 330 pages, July 2016
Hardcover : 9781438455976, 330 pages, November 2015

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Table of contents

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Foreword: Difficult Dialogues
Lyn Mikel Brown
Introduction: Girls’ Studies: What’s New?
Donna Marie Johnson and Alice E. Ginsberg
Part I: New Ways of Knowing About Girls
1. A Call to Action: Education Scholarship Meeting the Needs of African American Elementary and Secondary School Girls
Donna Marie Johnson
2. Girl Uninterrupted: Using Interactive Voice Diaries as a Girls’ Studies Research Method
Dana Edell
3. “It Means that I Am Knowledge”: GirlPAR as an Emergent Methodology
Laura Boutwell and Faduma Guhad
4. “Talking Out of School”: Crossing and Extending Borders with Collaborative Research in Girls’ Studies, Women’s Studies, and Teacher Education
Sheila Hassell Hughes and Carolyn S. Ridenour
5. Stop Saving the Girl? Pedagogical Considerations for Transforming Girls’ Studies
Katy Strzepek
6. Beyond “Us” Versus “Them”: Transnationalizing Girlhood Studies
Shana L. Calixte
Part II: Girl Power Redefined
7. High School Classrooms as Contested Sites of Future Feminist Power: Explicating Marginality Beyond Disadvantage into Power
Kerrita K. Mayfield
8. From Cyborgs to Cybergrrrls: Redefining “Girl Power” Through Digital Literacy
Leandra Preston-Sidler
9. “Off Balance”: Talking About Girls’ Health in the Era of the “Obesity Epidemic”
Marie Drews
10. “Babies Havin’ Babies”: Examining Visual Representations of Teenage Pregnancy
Candice J. Merritt
11. “At-Risk” for Greatness: Girls’ Studies Programs and the Art of Growing Up
Alice E. Ginsberg
12. Standing on Shoulders Strong: A Conversation with Leading Girls Studies Scholars
Moderated by Dr. Donna Johnson

Discussants: Lyn Mikel Brown, Peggy Orenstein, Stephanie Sears, Bianca L. Guzmán, Elline Lipkin, Sheila Hassell Hughes, and Alice Ginsberg
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Introduces new conceptual frameworks for girls' studies.


Presenting cutting-edge research from transnational scholars and activists, Difficult Dialogues about Twenty-First-Century Girls introduces original methodologies and girl-centered program design to the field of girls' studies. The editors pair progressive girls' studies research on topics such as differential privilege, voice, cultural values, and access to material resources, with provocative questions in order to further the thinking about issues that are often marginalized or overlooked in feminist domains. In addition, the book serves as a manual for educators and activists, designed to promote critical discussions that are accessible and includes a final dialogue with contemporary scholars about their work and the current direction of the field.

Donna Marie Johnson is an independent scholar, researcher, educator, and girls' advocate. Alice E. Ginsberg is a Curricula Development and Teacher Education Specialist at the Center for Minority Serving Institutions at the University of Pennsylvania. Her books include Embracing Risk in Urban Education: Curiosity, Creativity, and Courage in the Era of "No Excuses" and Evolution of American Women's Studies: Reflections on Triumphs, Controversies, and Change.