Digital Meets Handmade

Jewelry Design, Manufacture, and Art in the Twenty-First Century

Edited by Wendy Yothers & Alba Cappellieri
With Susanna Testa
Foreword by Troy Richards

Subjects: Art
Paperback : 9781438487663, 268 pages, November 2021

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Table of contents

Wendy Yothers
Alba Cappellieri, Susanna Testa

Troy Richards

Jewelry Interactions: From Analog to Digital
Alba Cappellieri, Livia Tenuta, Susanna Testa

The Future of Jewelry Programs in Higher Education: The Intersection of Technology and Handcraft
Sunyoung Cheong

Finding the Sensuous in Digital: Can "the Hand of the Maker" Survive the Digital Age?
Jeff Deegan

Digital Tooling and Handcrafting
Karen-Ann Dicken, Sandra Wilson

The Grid, from Colonial to Digital: The Role of Digital Technology in Craft Making
Bin Dixon-Ward

Craft, Pedagogy, and the Digital Challenge: A Jewelry Perspective
Lynne Heller, Dorie Millerson

Materializing Humanbeingness in Jewelry through Digital Transformation
Christine Lüdeke

Hand vs. Machine: Three Methods of Jewellery Making
Kadri Mälk, Sofia Hallik

A Virtual Tradition
Kim Nelson

Pixels Bejeweled: Modern Media, Contemporary Jewelry, and the Replication of Desire
Sasha Nixon

Glitch in the Copy: Research into Noise Artifact in Digital Reproduction
Annika Pettersson

Future Carriers of Our Past
Paulina Sierra

Discursive Jewellery, Marine Plastic Waste, and Mediational Aesthetic Recontextualization
Synne Skjulstad

A Reexamination of Jewelers' Titles and Nomenclature
Donna Mason Sweigart, Patricia Madeja, Ashley Marcovitz, Ho'o Hee

Traditional Handcrafted Jewelry versus Contemporary Digital Jewelry Dictated by the Culture, Fashion, and Modern Trends of Hindu Families of Andhra Pradesh, India
Sarvani Vaddi

Innovative Movable Structure Design for Jewelry Application Based on Integrated 3D Printing and Lost-Wax Casting Technology
Wei Xiong, Kaka Cheng, Liang Hao, Yan Li

Digital Humanity and the Visualization of the Jewellery Archive and Kinematic Reinterpretation of Historic Jewellery
Yu Xinan, Zhao Qian, Ren Lisha

Embraces the problems and solutions posed by the dynamic dance of digital technology with the traditions of craftsmanship and perceived value in jewelry.


Over the past twenty years, a seismic shift has occurred in jewelry design and manufacturing. As digital design, digital model-making, and prototyping have elbowed their way into common practice, they have proven themselves to be both invaluable and disruptive to the jewelry profession. Bringing together the perspectives of artisans, educators, students, mavens from the realm of fine jewelry, renegades from the Wild West of the maker movement, and innovators from the digital engineering sector, Digital Meets Handmade addresses a wide range of topics in jewelry design, delving into the broad conversation around how digital technologies and virtuoso handcraft can coalesce in jewelry as wearable art. While one might expect a collision of cultures—"fine jewelry" craftspeople versus digital engineers—the result instead is a dazzling array of critical thinking, with stunning illustrations that foretell the future of jewelry.

Wendy Yothers is Assistant Professor of Jewelry Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York, and an artisan in the Society of American Silversmiths. Alba Cappellieri is Professor of Jewelry Design at the Polytechnic University of Milan in Italy. Susanna Testa is Assistant Professor of Design at the Polytechnic University of Milan in Italy.