Dutch Trade and Ceramics in America in the Seventeenth Century

By Charlotte Wilcoxen

Subjects: New York/regional, History
Imprint: Distribution Partners
Paperback : 9780939072095, 109 pages, January 1987

Table of contents

Part I. Trade

1. Dutch Settlement and Trade in Seventeenth-Century North America

2. Dutch Trade with Virginia

3. Dutch Trade with Maryland

4. Dutch Trade with New England

5. Dutch Trade with the Plymouth Colony

6. Dutch Trade with Boston and the Massachusetts Bay Settlements

7. Dutch Trade with Rhode Island

8. Dutch Trade with Connecticut

9. Dutch Trade with New York after 1664

10. Dutch Trade with the Later Colonies and Florida
Part II. Ceramics

11. Seventeenth-Century Dutch Ceramics

12. Dutch Utility Wares

13. Dutch Majolica

14. Dutch Fayence

15. Foreign Wares Distributed by the Dutch

16. Ceramics Found on Former New Netherland Sites

17. Postscript

About the Author

An indispensable introduction to the trade and ceramics of the New Netherland colony.


A pioneering and fascinating study, Dutch Trade and Ceramics in America in the Seventeenth Century was the first book in English to provide specific information on the various types of Dutch ceramics used by Dutch, English, and Swedish colonists in eastern North America between 1600 and 1700. Charlotte Wilcoxen also examines the broader context of seventeenth-century trade, revealing the maritime channels by which the Dutch brought goods to New Netherland settlements and widely distributed them. Drawing upon a wide range of disparate and inaccessible sources of information, this comprehensive compilation is essential for historical archaeologists and historians.

Charlotte Wilcoxen (1905–2006) was Research Associate for the Albany Institute of History and Art and author of Seventeenth Century Albany: A Dutch Profile.