Dynamics of the Iranian Revolution

The Pahlavis' Triumph and Tragedy

By Jahangir Amuzegar

Subjects: Middle East Politics
Paperback : 9780791407325, 368 pages, September 1991
Hardcover : 9780791407318, 368 pages, October 1991

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Table of contents



Part One: An Overview

1. The Anatomy of a Unique Revolution
Part Two: A Revolution From Different Perspectives

2. Return to Islamic Purity
3. Cultural Shock of Modernization
4. Growing Socioeconomic Malaise
5. Reactions to Autocratic Rule
6. Unseen Hands of a Conspiracy
Part Three: Institutional Anomalies and Contradictions

7. The Persian National Psyche
8. Monarchy, Shi'ism, and Democracy: A Fluid Mixture
9. Perspectives on the Pahlavis' Reign and Rule

Part Four: Controversial Strategies and Policies

10. Political, Military, and Security Ambitions
11. An Economic Trojan Horse on Oily Legs
12. "Great (Unattainable) Civilization"

Part Five: Last Efforts at Crisis Management

13. Mohammad Reza Shah: A Study in Contrasts
14. A Tangled Web of Confusions
15. A Tragedy of Errors
16. A Man of God as Compleat Politician
Part Six: The Regime Falling Apart

17. The Ultimate Irony: A Nation of Malcontents
18. The End as History





Going back to the turn of the century, this book offers a cogent analysis and an objective assessment of the origins and dimensions of the 1979 Iranian Revolution. It reassesses the narrowly focused post-revolution explanations, as it traces the fate of the Pahlavi dynasty to deep-rooted and structural weaknesses and contradictions in Iranian society, economy, and politics.

This critical examination leaves the reader with a deeper understanding of Iran's modern history and an appreciation for the interplay of forces currently at work within the Islamic Republic. It also provides persuasive commentary on the inherent plight of other Third World countries plagued with similar legacies and pre-revolutionary conditions.

Jahangir Amuzegar is an international economic consultant. He was formerly a university professor, a cabinet minister, an ambassador, and an executive director of the International Monetary Fund.