Theoretical and Pedagogical Approaches

Edited by Christian R. Weisser & Sidney I. Dobrin

Subjects: Environmental Studies
Paperback : 9780791449400, 318 pages, March 2001
Hardcover : 9780791449394, 318 pages, March 2001

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Table of contents

Foreword Marilyn M. Cooper

Breaking New Ground in Ecocomposition: An Introduction
Christian R. Weisser and Sidney I. Dobrin

Writing Takes Place
Sidney I. Dobrin

Sustainable Composition
Derek Owens

Ecology, Alienation. and Literacy: Constraints and Possibilities in Ecocomposition
M. Jimmie Killingsworth and John Krajicek

The Politics of Place: Student Travelers and Pedagogical Maps
Julie Drew

The Ecology of Genre
Anis Bawarshi

Ecocomposition and the Greening of Identity
Christian R. Weisser

Great Divides: Rhetorics of Literacy and Orality
Randall Roorda

The Wilderness Strikes Back: Decolonizing the Imperial Sign in the Borderlands
Stephen G. Brown

Education and Environmental Literacy: Reflections on Teaching Ecocomposition in Keene State College's Environmental House
Mark C. Long

The Liberatory Positioning of Place in Ecocomposition: Reconsidering Paulo Freire
Arlene Plevin

Ecofeminism and Ecocomposition: Pedagogies, Perspectives, and Intersections
Greta Gaard

Ecology and Composition Studies: A Feminist Perspective on Living Relationships
Colleen Connolly

The Ecology of Writerly Voice: Authorship, Ethos, and Persona
Christopher J. Keller

Service Learning and Ecocomposition: Developing Sustainable Practices through Inter- and Extradisciplinarity
Annie Merrill Ingram

Restoring Bioregions Through Applied Composition
Paul Lindholdt

"Written In Its Own Season": Nature as Ground in the Postmodern World
Edward Lotto

Don't Forget to Argue: Problems, Possibilities, and Ecocomposition
David Thomas Sumner

Writing Home: Composition, Campus Ecology, and Webbed Environments
Bradley John Monsma


Explores the intersections between writing and ecological studies.


Ecocomposition examines current trends in universities toward more environmentally sound work, explores the intersections between composition research—that is, discourse studies—and ecostudies, and offers possible pedagogies for the composition classroom. Never before have the intersections between ecotheory and composition studies in theory and pedagogy been addressed in this much depth or detail. As universities become increasingly concerned with issues of the environment within academic disciplines across the spectrum, this book brings together a diverse group of prominent voices to discuss the development of ecocomposition and its possibilities, and to argue for a greening of composition studies through which to engage the world in which we live.

Christian R. Weisser is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Hawaii (Hilo). Sidney I. Dobrin is Associate Professor of English and the Director of Writing Programs at the University of Florida. He is the author of Constructing Knowledges: The Politics of Theory-Building and Pedagogy in Composition, and the coeditor (with Lynn Worsham and Gary A. Olson) of The Kinneavy Papers: Theory and the Study of Discourse, and (with Gary A. Olson) Composition Theory for the Postmodern Classroom, all from SUNY Press.


"An intriguing intellectual ride, this is a book that enables one to actually do something tangible rather than theorize amongst other like-minded theorists. There is simply no other book like it." — Stuart C. Brown, coeditor of Green Culture: Environmental Rhetoric in Contemporary America