Economic Interdependence in Ukrainian-Russian Relations

By Paul J. D'Anieri

Subjects: Russian Studies
Series: SUNY series in Global Politics
Paperback : 9780791442463, 278 pages, July 1999
Hardcover : 9780791442456, 278 pages, July 1999

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Table of contents


Part I
Introduction and Conceptual Framework

1. Introduction: Ukraine's Dilemma

2. Ukraine and Russia: Past and Present

3. Trade and Power in International Politics:
The Dilemmas of Interdependence

Part II

4. The Energy War, 1993-1994

5. Trade and Currency: Fragmentation and Integration

6. Interdependence, Sovereignty, and the Commonwealth of Independent States

7. The Direct Economics-Security Connection:
Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine

Part III
The Bigger Picture

8. Internal Divisions and Ukrainian Economic Vulnerability

9. Conclusions and Questions



Explores the emerging political economy of the former Soviet Union.


In the most detailed study to date of the emerging international political economy of the former Soviet Union, Economic Interdependence in Ukrainian-Russian Relations analyzes the intractable economic dilemmas facing Russia's neighbors, and shows how economic interdependence has become the key axis for the pursuit of power politics in the region.

Ukraine's quest for complete political autonomy from Russia is in tension with the deep economic interdependence between the two countries, and Ukraine's leaders have found that pursuit of three key goals—sovereignty, prosperity, and security—often conflict with one another. While the years since independence have seen Ukraine consolidate its sovereignty, prosperity remains elusive and there remains no long-term strategy for maintaining Ukraine's political economy.

Paul J. D'Anieri is Associate Professor of Political Science and Russian and East European Studies at the University of Kansas. He is coeditor (with Taras Kuzio and Robert Kravchuk) of two books, State and Institution Building in Ukraine and Ukrainian Politics and Society.


"…D'Anieri's book provides a vivid discussion of the developing relationship between these two important countries, thereby opening a forum for what will certainly be a fascinating topic for years to come. " — Slavic Review

"…offers a sound practical and theoretical footing on which to understand the issues surrounding Ukrainian-Russian interdependence, as they currently stand and as they may be played out in the future. " — Millennium: Journal of International Studies

"The author skillfully blends empirical research with intelligent use of theory. In particular, the distinction between autonomy and sovereignty is a thoughtful and often productive one, as is the discussion of trade-offs between these values and prosperity. I also appreciated the fact that the author covers a fairly wide range of relevant issues, including economic as well as military aspects of the Russia-Ukraine relationship. The book is filled with interesting and provocative insights. "— Douglas W. Blum, Providence College

"The author has taken an important topic in a new and important aspect of international relations and competently illuminated its many facets. He has shown good organizational skills and scholarship in marshaling the facts and arguments on this important topic. There are many solid insights into the problem, as well as an attempt to show how the scholarly literature on economic interdependence and sovereignty might be applied to the Ukrainian case. " —Sherman W. Garnett, The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace