Educating for a Culture of Social and Ecological Peace

Edited by Anita L. Wenden

Subjects: Peace, Environmental Studies, Education
Paperback : 9780791461747, 220 pages, August 2004
Hardcover : 9780791461730, 220 pages, August 2004

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Table of contents


Introduction: Integrating Education for Social and Ecological Peace—The Educational Context
Anita L. Wenden

1. Ecological Security: New Challenges for Human Learning
Patricia M. Mische

2 Contextual Sustainability Education: Towards an Integrated Educational Framework for Social and Ecological Peace
Frans C. Verhagen

3. An Integral Model of Peace Education
Abelardo Brenes-Castro

4. Environmental Education: A Contribution to the Emergence of a Culture of Peace
Lucie Sauvé and Isabel Orellana

5. Learning on the Edge: Exploring the Change Potential of Conflict in Social Learning for Sustainable Living
Arjen E. J. Wals and Fanny Heymann

6. Value-Based Perspective Development
Anita L. Wenden

7. Environmental Peacemaking, Peacekeeping, and Peacebuilding: Integrating Education for Ecological Balance and a Sustainable Peace
Ian Harris and Patricia M. Mische

8. The Earth Charter as an Integrative Force for Peace Education and Environmental Education
Peter Blaze Corcoran



Examines the overlapping aims, values, and concepts in peace and environmental education.


Acknowledging the dual notions of danger and opportunity that present themselves in contemporary social and ecological crises, this book explores how both peace and environmental education can transform the way we think and what we value. The book outlines the link between social violence and ecological degradation and the need to educate for the purpose of achieving social and ecological peace. Specialists in peace and environmental education offer a holistic and integrated approach on educating about these problems and challenges. They also provide educational strategies, such as curricular frameworks and pedagogical innovations appropriate for both formal and informal settings, and case studies and examples that illustrate their application.

Anita L. Wenden is Professor Emerita of Research and Academic Writing and Professor Emerita of Cultural Diversity at York College, The City University of New York, as well as the Director of Peace Education and Research at Earth and Peace Education Associates International. She is the coeditor (with Christina Schäffner) of Language and Peace.


"At once compact and daring, this remarkable book examines a wide variety of texts that deal with issues of the Earth's rapidly dwindling natural resources. " — CHOICE

"This book offers the most comprehensive and cogently argued case for conjoining environmental, social justice, and peace education that I have encountered. The authors present a multifaceted vision of why such education is needed and what it might look like. I finished each chapter with a sense of intellectual excitement and gratitude. I look forward to using the book in my classes. " — Gregory A. Smith, coeditor of Ecological Education in Action: On Weaving Education, Culture, and the Environment