Education Feminism

Classic and Contemporary Readings

Edited by Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon, Lynda Stone, and Katharine M. Sprecher

Subjects: Education, Feminist, Gender Studies, Feminist Philosophy
Paperback : 9781438448961, 498 pages, December 2013
Hardcover : 9781438448954, 498 pages, December 2013

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Table of contents

Notes to the Text
Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon

I. Education and Schooling
1. Male Hegemony, Social Class, and Women’s Education (1982)
Madeleine Arnot
2. Excluding Women from the Educational Realm (1982)
Jane Roland Martin
3. Race, Class, and Gender: Prospects for an All-Inclusive Sisterhood (1983)
Bonnie Thornton Dill
4. Toward Understanding the Educational Trajectory and Socialization of Latina Women (1988)
Ruth Enid Zambrana
5. Conception, Contradiction, and Curriculum (1988)
Madeleine R. Grumet
6. Only the Fittest of the Fittest Will Survive: Black Women and Education (1989)
Barbara McKellar
II. Teaching and Pedagogy
7. Toward a Transformational Theory of Teaching (1988)
Lynda Stone

8. An Ethic of Caring and Its Implications for Instructional Arrangements (1988)
Nel Noddings
9. The Absent Presence: Patriarchy, Capitalism, and the Nature of Teacher Work (1987)
Patti Lather
10. Schooling and Radicalisation: Life Histories of New Zealand Feminist Teachers (1987)
Sue Middleton
11. Why Doesn’t This Feel Empowering?: Working through the Repressive Myths of Critical Pedagogy (1989)
Elizabeth Ellsworth
12. Dysconscious Racism: Ideology, Identity, and the Miseducation of Teachers (1991)
Joyce E. King
13. When is a Singing School (Not) a Chorus?: The Emancipatory Agenda in Feminist Pedagogy and Literature Education (1993)
Deanne Bogdan
I. Education and Schooling

14. Gender Disidentification: The Perils of the Post-Gender Condition (2000)
Cris Mayo
15. Situated Moral Agency: Why it Matters? (2003)
Barbara Applebaum
16. Not the Color Purple: Black Feminist Lessons for Educational Caring (1998)
Audrey Thompson
17. Befriending Girls as an Educational Life-Practice (2003)
Susan Laird
18. Befriending (White) Women Faculty in Higher Education? (2011)
Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon

19. Ecofeminism as a Pedagogical Project: Women, Nature, and Education (2007)
Huey-li Li
20. Transformando Fronteras: Chicana Feminist Transformative Pedagogies (2001)
C. Alejandra Elenes
II. Teaching and Pedagogy
21. Feminism and Curriculum: Getting Our Act Together (2000)
Madeleine R. Grumet and Lynda Stone
22. A Womanist Experience of Caring: Understanding the Pedagogy of Exemplary Black Women Teachers
Tamara Beaubeouf-Lafontent
23. Critical Race Theory, Latino Critical Theory, and Critical Raced-Gendered Epistemologies: Recognizing Students of Color as Holders and Creators of Knowledge (2002)
Delores Delgado Bernal
24. Turning the Closets Inside/Out: Towards a Queer-Feminist Theory in Women’s Physical Education (1998)
Heather Skyes
25. Queer Politics in Schools: A Rancièrean Reading (2010)
Claudia Ruitenberg
26. Cold Case: Reopening the File on Tolerance in Teaching and Learning Across Difference (2005)
Ann Chinnery
27. Unveiling Cross-Cultural Conflict: Gendered Cultural Practice in Polycultural Society (2007)
Sharon Todd
Lynda Stone

Collection of important essays by feminist scholars from cultural studies, philosophy of education, curriculum theory, and women’s studies.


Winner of the 2015 Critics Choice Book Award presented by the American Educational Studies Association
Winner of the 2015 Critics Choice Book Award presented by the American Educational Studies Association

Education Feminism is a revised and updated version of Lynda Stone's out-of-print anthology, The Education Feminism Reader. The text is intended as a course text and provides students a foundational base in feminist theories in education. The classics section is comprised of the readings that students have most responded to in classes. The contemporary readings section demonstrates how the third-wave feminist criticism of the 1990s has an impact on today's feminist work. Both of these sections address critical multicultural educational issues and have an inclusive, diverse selection of feminist scholars who bring race, class, sexual orientation, religious practices, and colonial/postcolonial perspectives to bear on their work. The individual essays are concise and well written and arranged in such a way that it is easy for instructors to assign them around themes of their own choosing.

Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon is Professor of Philosophy of Education and Cultural Studies at the University of Tennessee. Her books include Beyond Liberal Democracy in Schools: The Power of Pluralism. Lynda Stone is Professor of Philosophy of Education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is the coeditor (with A. G. Rud and Jim Garrison) of John Dewey at 150: Reflections for a New Century. Katharine M. Sprecher is Instructor of Critical Studies in Educational Foundations at Ohio University.


"The incredible value of this fine collection is that it demonstrates what it means to critically consider, interrogate, and challenge historic and contemporary ideas regarding educational equity while using these very ideas to imagine new possibilities. It will serve as an indispensable resource in graduate classrooms where students can use the text to ground and forward explorations of the necessarily complex considerations of equity in education today. " — Adela C. Licona, coeditor of Feminist Pedagogy: Looking Back to Move Forward