Environmental Politics in the International Arena

Movements, Parties, Organizations, and Policy

Edited by Sheldon Kamieniecki

Subjects: Environmental Politics
Series: SUNY series in Environmental Public Policy
Paperback : 9780791416648, 298 pages, September 1993
Hardcover : 9780791416631, 298 pages, September 1993

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Table of contents

Introduction—Emerging Forces in Global Environmental Politics

Sheldon Kamieniecki

Section One—Environmental Movements

1. The World is Relearning Its Story about How the World Works

Lester W. Milbrath

2. The Environmental Movement in Western Europe

Russell J. Dalton

3. Grass-Roots Resistance: The Emergence of Popular Environmental Movements in Less Affluent Countries

Bron Taylor, Heidi Hadsell, Lois Lorentzen, and Rik Scarce

Section Two—The Green Party Phenomenon

4. The Green Phenomenon in Western Party Systems

Herbert Kitschelt

5. The Ecological Movement and Green Parties in Scandinavia: Problems and Prospects

James P. Lester and Elfar Loftsson

Section Three—International Organizations and International Law

6. International Nongovernmental Organizations: Prospects for a Global Environmental Movement

John McCormick

7. International Organizations and International Institutions: Lessons Learned from Environmental Regimes

Oran R. Young

8. Transboundary Problems in International Law

Lettie Wenner

Section Four—Comparative Politics and Public Policy

9. Environmental Policy in the European Community

David Vogel

10. Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union

Barbara Jancar-Webster

11. Environmental Politics in Latin America

Steven E. Sanderson

12. Environmental Politics in Asia

Louis Schubert

Conclusion Environmental Challenges in a Global Context

James N. Rosenau

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The environmental movement is having a marked impact on national and international politics. This book examines the dominant ethics, attitudes, and moral values behind the international environmental movement and analyzes how it has influenced national policies around the world. In addition, it assesses the effectiveness of international law and international organizations in improving natural resource conservation.

Sheldon Kamieniecki is Vice Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Southern California. He is the author of Public Representation in Environmental Policymaking, the co-author of Environmental Regulation through Strategic Planning, and the co-editor of Controversies in Environmental Policy.


"The essays are all original, written by some of the best people doing research and writing in their respective fields, and united by a common emphasis upon the linkage between internal and external political forces and institutions affecting environmental policy in nations and global regions. This is an excellent undergraduate reader for courses on environmental policy, current international issues, current issues, international politics, comparative government, or international organization. " — Walter A. Rosenbaum, University of Florida