Essays in Phenomenological Theology

Edited by Steven W. Laycock & James G. Hart

Subjects: Phenomenology
Paperback : 9780887061653, 219 pages, June 1986
Hardcover : 9780887061646, 219 pages, June 1986

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This anthology applies phenomenological concepts and methods to issues of philosophical theology and philosophical theology and philosophy: the being and nature of God, and the divine modes of relatedness to nature, to society, and to the self. Essays in Phenomenological Theology contains previously unpublished papers by Iso Kern, J. N. Findlay, Charles Courtney, Thomas Prufer, Robert Williams, James Hart, Steven Laycock, and James Buchanan. It is the first volume to assemble an entire spectrum of phenomenological-theological ideas, including those of neo-Platonic meditation, phenomenological neo-Thomism, Hegelian phenomenological dialectics, Husserlian transcendental reflection, and post-modern deconstructive iconoclasm. The book will be useful to philosophers and theologians seeking an enriched understanding of the rapidly-burgeoning discipline of phenomenological theology, and promises unexpected insights even to seasoned phenomenologists seeking to expand their horizons.

Steven W. Laycock is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. James G. Hart is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Indiana University.