Ethical Theory in Global Perspective

Edited by Michael Hemmingsen

Subjects: Philosophy, Ethics, Asian Religion And Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Philosophy - Textbook
Hardcover : 9781438496856, 387 pages, February 2024
Paperback : 9781438496863, 387 pages, February 2024

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Table of contents


Introduction: Global Philosophy and Ethical Theory

Section 1: Character-Based Moral Theories

1. Feelings, Virtues, and Happiness in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics
Dirk Baltzly

2. Confucianism
Yat-hung Leung and Yong Huang

3. Virtue Ethics in Early Buddhism
Damien Keown

4. Communo-Welfarism: An Akan Humanistic Moral Theory
Martin Odei Ajei

Section 2: Consequentialist Moral Theories

5. The Secular Hedonism of the Cārvākas
Pradeep P. Gokhale

6. Utilitarianism
Nicholas Drake

7. Mozi and Inclusive Care
Michael Hemmingsen

8. Why Would a Buddha Lie? Varieties of Buddhist Consequentialism
Gordon F. Davis

Section 3: Deontological Moral Theories

9. Immanuel Kant and Deontology
Lucas Thorpe

10. Mou Zongsan and Moral Feeling
Wing-Cheuk Chan and Michael Hemmingsen

11. Contractualism
Jussi Suikkanen

12. Jürgen Habermas and Discourse Ethics
Michael Hemmingsen

13. Rossian Deontology
Philip Stratton-Lake

Section 4: Particularist, Anti-Theoretical, and Other Approaches to Morality

14. The Ethics of Daoism: The Dissolving Boundary between Right and Wrong
Wai Wai Chiu

15. Zen Buddhist Ethics and the Bodhisattva Vow
Rika Dunlap

16. Ethical Dimensions of Advaita Vedanta
Sandhya Pruthi

17. Care Ethics: Love, Care, and Connection
Allauren Samantha Forbes

18. Yoga: Procedural Devotion to the Right
Shyam Ranganathan


A straightforward, accessible introduction to core theories in normative ethics from Western and non-Western philosophy suitable for the classroom.


Ethical Theory in Global Perspective provides an easy-to-teach introduction to ethical theory from a uniquely global perspective. In addition to key Western ethical theories—such as virtue ethics, consequentialism, various deontological theories, and care ethics—moral theories from a range of East Asian, South Asian, and African philosophical traditions and schools are also discussed, including Akan philosophy, Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism, and both orthodox and heterodox schools of classical Indian philosophy. In short, this book is a key resource for educators who want to diversify their ethical theory curricula but are not sure how, as well as those currently teaching comparative ethics looking for a single textbook that covers a range of philosophical traditions in a clear, approachable way.

Michael Hemmingsen is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Tunghai University in Taiwan.


"This book contributes to the field in two important ways. Firstly, it makes a strong case for a more global approach to discussions of ethical theory. This is important because of the historical neglect (at least in Western universities) of non-Western ethical theories and approaches. Secondly, it provides a largely excellent textbook to deliver a broader ethical theory course." — David Hunter, University of Adelaide