Ethnicity and Inequality

By Robert M. Jiobu

Subjects: Ethnicity, Cultural Anthropology
Series: SUNY series in Ethnicity and Race in American Life
Paperback : 9780791403662, 216 pages, August 1990
Hardcover : 9780791403655, 216 pages, August 1990

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Table of contents


1. Introduction

2. Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Inequality

3. Ethnicity and Socioeconomic Gains

4. Demographic Potential and Socioeconomic Status

5. Explaining Ethnic Inequality




This book is a study of the relationship between ethnicity and socioeconomic status. it is the first to empirically study both the white and nonwhite underclass. Jiobu uses United States census data on twenty ethnic groups including specific white groups and specific nonwhite groups. Using the 1980 national census, which contains information on ancestry for the first time, Jiobu demonstrates that it is possible to define ethnic groups in new ways, such as drawing a distinction between race and ethnicity.

Ethnicity and Inequality tests numerous theories and examines several important questions for ethnic relations: What is the demographic structure underlying the various groups? How can ethnicity, sex, and inequality be explained? Who gains from ethnic inequality? The author concludes by outlining a way to draw the diversity of findings under a single theoretical umbrella.

Robert Masao Jiobu is Associate Professor of Sociology at Ohio State University and author of Ethnicity and Assimilation, also published by SUNY Press.