Evelyn Underhill

Modern Guide to the Ancient Quest for the Holy

Edited by Dana Greene

Subjects: Mysticism
Paperback : 9780887067037, 270 pages, August 1988
Hardcover : 9780887067020, 270 pages, August 1988

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Table of contents

Defence of Magic
Bergson and the Mystics
Future of Mysticism
Sources of Power in Human Life
Suggestion and Religious Experience
Christian Fellowship: Past and Present
The Authority of Personal Experience
Possibilities of Prayer
Our Two-Fold Relation to Reality
God and Spirit
Father Wainwright
Meditation on Peace
The Church and War




Evelyn Underhill was a pioneer in revitalizing interest in mysticism and in the spiritual life as lived by ordinary people. Here are some of her articles that demonstrate the variety and development of her thought over forty years. The themes of magic and mysticism, prayer and pacifism are all considered, with particular emphasis on Underhill's focus on personal religious experience, its nurturance in prayer, its protection by institutional religion, and its implications for all aspects of life. Together, the pieces illuminate the author's move from Platonism to the incarnational spirituality lived out during the years between the world wars.

Greene's interpretive introduction to the life and work of this contemporary mystic is most helpful for those previously unfamiliar with Underhill. The book contains the most complete bibliography available on works by and about this important woman.

Dana Greene is Professor of History at St. Mary's College, Maryland.


"The selection of articles is balanced, thoughtful...cohesive and sound. Underhill's works are most difficult to access; Greene's sweep of scholarship and research is a gold mine for people interested in Underhill, religious experience, and mysticism." — Doris Donnelly, Saint Mary's College, Notre Dame

"...an amazing collection of material both from Evelyn Underhill's own writings and from those referring to her. It may kindle study in this area that will be precious."— Douglas V. Steere, T. Wistar Brown Professor (ret.)