Female Ascetics in Hinduism

By Lynn Teskey Denton

Subjects: Women In Religion, Hindu Studies, Asian Religion And Philosophy
Series: SUNY series in Hindu Studies
Paperback : 9780791461808, 228 pages, August 2004
Hardcover : 9780791461792, 228 pages, August 2004

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Table of contents

by Steven Collins


1. The Religious Life of Woman-as-householder

2. The Woman Who Is Not a Householder: Widowhood, Unmarriageability, and Female Asceticism

3. Unity and Diversity I: Basic Terminology

4. Unity and Diversity II: Sectarian Affiliation, Spiritual Path, and Ascetic Mode

5. Socioreligious Aspects of Female Asceticism in Varanasi

6. Sainthood, Society, and Transcendence: Legends and Poetry of Women Saints


Glossary of Hindi and Sanskrit Terms


Supplemental Bibliography
by Meena Khandelwal


Provides both a first-hand look at and an insightful analysis of a little-known world—that of female ascetics in India.


Female Ascetics in Hinduism provides a vivid account of the lives of women renouncers—women who renounce the world to live ascetic spiritual lives—in India. The author approaches the study of female asceticism by focusing on features of two dharmas, two religiously defined ways of life: that of woman-as-householder and that of the ascetic, who, for various reasons, falls outside the realm of householdership. The result of fieldwork conducted in Varanasi (Benares), the book explores renouncers' social and personal backgrounds, their institutions, and their ways of life. Offering a first-hand look at and an insightful analysis of this little-known world, this highly readable book will be indispensable to those interested in female asceticism in the Hindu tradition and women's spiritual lives around the world.

Lynn Teskey Denton (1949–1995) was Assistant Professor of Religion at Concordia University and also taught at McMaster University.