Gandhi's Pilgrimage of Faith

From Darkness to Light

By Uma Majmudar
Foreword by Rajmohan Gandhi

Subjects: Religion, India And South Asian Studies, Hindu Studies, Asian Religion And Philosophy
Paperback : 9780791464069, 296 pages, July 2005
Hardcover : 9780791464052, 296 pages, July 2005

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Table of contents

Foreword by Rajmohan Gandhi
Introduction: The Mystique and the Myth of the Mahatma
1. Victorian Colonial India
2. Gandhi’s Roots
3. The Seed and the Soil
4. The Sprouting of Mohan’s Faith
5. A Crisis of Identity and Faith
6. A Law Student in London
7. A Barrister in South Africa, Phase I
8. A Leader in South Africa, Phase II
9. A Satyagrahi in South Africa, Phase III
10. India Welcomes Home Her Mahatma
11. From Death to Immortality
12. Conclusion: From Darkness to Light

Documents the lifelong journey of faith—full of challenges along the way—that made Gandhi the enlightened spiritual leader we revere.


Millions around the world revere Mahatma Gandhi, yet only a few know the man Mohandas Gandhi and the internal journey of his soul. This pioneering book fills the spiritual void in Gandhian literature by focusing on the soul and the substance of the man. Uma Majmudar shows that, contrary to popular belief, Gandhi's rise to greatness was not meteoric; it was, rather, a continuous process of faith development, punctuated by conflicts, crises, and turning points. Using James W. Fowler's theory of "Stages of Faith" as a guide, Majmudar undertakes the first developmental study to analyze the fundamental role of faith in transforming Gandhi's life. She proposes that the power that nourished Gandhi's soul was his ever-growing faith in the ultimate triumph of Truth and in the innate Godliness of the human soul. Along with making an invaluable contribution to numerous cross-cultural disciplines, the book also offers something special to those wishing to embark on their own faith developmental journey, guided by Gandhi's example.

"Majmudar wants us to touch and feel Gandhi. He is not on a pedestal, he is not made of granite or bronze, he is warm and vulnerable. " — from the Foreword by Rajmohan Gandhi

Uma Majmudar is Lecturer on Religion at Emory University.


"…Gandhi's Pilgrimage of Faith offers a highly original and valuable point of entry to this unique spiritual journey. " — Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies

"This far-reaching study of Gandhi's life and work is the first to use the framework of moral and faith development studies. Thoroughly researched and written by one who knows the language, culture, and traditions that formed Gandhi, this book brings a distinctive, intimate, and penetrating understanding of Gandhi the man and the leader. " — James W. Fowler, author of Stages of Faith: The Psychology of Human Development and the Quest for Meaning

"The topic of Gandhi's life history and psycho-spiritual development is important to Indian studies, religious studies, and political science. This book makes an important intellectual contribution. " — Harold Coward, editor of Indian Critiques of Gandhi